Tuesday, December 27, 2005

people say she's bad, but they don't see the way she is with me

I'm not dead. I'm just a little .... underinspired. Is that a word?

I've sort of crawled into a corner ever since my accident. Yes, I was uninjured, but I haven't done anything remotely social or extracurricular since then. Hockey games don't count. When I go to (or even watch on TV) hockey games, I'm actually "working" for my non-paying job. That, coupled with the onset of Festivus, which always puts me in a strange mood, has meant that I haven't had a whole lot to say.

One thing that I have been doing with regularity is playing real life Scrabble. Every Wednesday, my friend Kevin and I get together at a neighborhood watering hole for a few games and a few libations. Alcohol and Scrabble are a terrible mix, and there are way too many distractions (ie girls), which would suggest that it's a terrible idea to play there, but we've had some really good games. I may have mentioned this before, but Kevin is a much better player than I am. Out of every 100 games we play, he beats me badly (more than 100 points) 15 times, beats me "soundly" 50-100 points) maybe 20 times, beats min a "close" (25-49 points) 35 times, beats me in a "tight" (less than 25 points) 15 times, and I'll beat him in close games 15 times. He insists that we're more evenly matched, but he only says that to make me feel better.

Here's where I get to brag.

In one of our recent games, I had my highest single word play I've ever had in over-the-table games. By "single word", I mean that only one word was scored. No hooks, no overlays. Just the one word.
Through a Q that already existed on the board at A 12 (four spots up from the bottom, on the left edge, on the double letter score space), I was able to play from A 8 and get a triple-triple on


wherein the blank is an I. The word itself would be 16 points straight up, but since I hit two triple word score spaces, I get to multiply it by nine. That's 144. I also get to add 50 for the bingo (using all seven of my tiles in a single play). So for that single word, I got 194 points. I once got 212 for a single word (QUEUEING), but that was in an on-line game.

For the record, the highest single word score possible would be 392 points for


provided, of course that the play was made from one of only four possible places: 1 H, 15 H, A 8, O 8. Pops and buzzes, I know. If you're curious about it, nobody has ever made that play in official tournament play, and it is a noun (plural). A cazique is a tropical bird, which can alternately be spelled CACIQUE.

Anyway, like I said, a bar seems like it would be a bad place to play for sooooo many reasons, but it's actually gone well. In addition, the bartender loves the fact that we're there and actually wishes that more people would follow our lead. Also, over the weeks, we've got some little groupies. Sounds funny, but it's true.

There's a big tournament coming up in Charlotte at the end of January, but I won't be able to go because of a very important hockey obligation I have that weekend. And speaking of hockey obligations, I plan on traveling to our nation's capitol on Saturday January 21 for a Hurricanes road game against the Capitals. I've made good friends with the couple who sit next to me at the games, and we're trying to organize a big group to go up there. If any of you dc-ites are interested in going to the game and/or hanging out, please let me know. As far as I know, our plan will be to drive up there that morning, go to the game, spend the night, and head back sometime Sunday.

On another note, I got everything resolved on the insurance settlement for my car. They gave me significantly more than I was expecting. They even gave me a lot more than what I was hoping for. That should help me to breathe a little easier.

Right before, or maybe right after the new year, I'll post a list of goals/wishes/resolutions for the new year. One of them is to write in this blog more frequently.

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H said...

I've decided that if I am ever able to make the word quixotic in Scrabble, triple word or not, I shall never thereafter play again.

playfulinnc said...

Wow. You were always "packing" when it came to smarts.

Sorry to hear about the accident. Chuck the Lawyer still hasn't settled mine from 2004. Jeez.

Glad you're ok.

Kevin said...

You're too modest. If you weren't, you would have mentioned that for 5 games in a row I got both blanks and more than my share of esses. Then again, if "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts--I don't have any nieces or nephews, but I think the fact that the "ifs" and "buts" saying came into my head means I'm officially an uncle. An annoying uncle who fake karate-kicks you when you come home for Christmas and says "Watch out, bo-ah! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Hey, bots, look what I see below: AWLCNGWV! Your fancy technology can't do that, can it? Owned.