Friday, January 20, 2006

Fill our Christmas socks with whiskey drinks and chocolate bars

So here's the thing.

I'm not really into making New Year's resolutions. However, I did recently set some goals for myself to reach this year. Some of them are general in nature, some more specific.

One of the more general ones was to be better to myself and to take days off work when there's something I want to do. So far, I've been doing that. There's an out of town hockey game that I'm going to this weekend. I've never allowed myself to go to things like 30th birthday parties or concerts or MLK weekends or cd release parties because I made myself work. But I'm trying to change, and taking the weekend off to go to a hockey game in DC is a big step in the right direction.

Another step in that direction, one that I'd like myself to make this calendar year is to find a job where I don't work weekends anyway.

On those same lines, I had a #1 goal of getting out of my current job before St. Patrick's Day. I work in an Irish pub, and St. Patty's is so completely retardedly busy that everyone wants to kill each other when it's all over. Last year, almost the entire staff worked 13 hour shifts, both in the front and the back of the house. That was my #1 objective, and I've succeeded at reaching that. I'm going to work at a different restaurant (bar/grill, really) that was recently bought by a friend of mine. He'll pay me better, but won't be able to offer benefits right away. I don't care about that because this is a guy I've known and worked with for seven years, and I'm doing it as much for him as for me. I was delighted to be given the chance, and I jumped at it. I start in three weeks. The horrible part is that the owner at my current job is such a nice (and gorgeous, to boot) lady. I've known her long before I started working there, and we've always gotten along well. It broke my heart to tell her, but I have to do it.

Other goals: get (and keep) a girlfriend, go to a few more rock shows, try to get back in the indie-rock loop, take control of my finances, things like that.

Also, going hand-in-hand with allowing myself to do fun things is that I want to play in some Scrabble tournaments this year. The first obvious choice for that is a big tournament in Charlotte at the end of January. Unfortunately, it interferes with a hockey game that I would otherwise skip if not for the historic importance of it. It's the day that the Hurricanes will be retiring the #10 sweater of Ron Francis, who is by anyone's account, one of the 10 greatest players of all time.
I'll think about going to the Pigeon Forge, TN tournament in April, which is a mammoth tournament -- a four day affair.

Other things that aren't so much goals as HOPES. If one of my sports teams could win a championship, I'd be totally thrilled. My Panthers are one game away from the Superbowl, so that's a good chance. My Hurricanes are presently the top team in the NHL, with a little less than half a season to go. So that's looking good, too.

Anyway, I've accomplished one of my goals already, even if it fell into my lap. I'm working on some of the others.

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H said...

I'm all for you taking time off. There's going to be a Cedar Point trip or two in twenty-ought-six, and some of you numbskulls who always talk about going need to really go this time.