Wednesday, March 29, 2006

dear, i fear we're facing a problem

I've written at length on these pages about the "Two fer Tuesday" game that is played at work.

To refresh the memory, the "classic rock" station plays twofers all day long. We guess what they're playing for points. During the first song, you guess the second song for one point. During the second song, you guess the next artist for two points. Sometimes the games are high-scoring. Sometimes they aren't.

Lately, I've been having serious issues with the appropriateness of the twofers.

They've always been known to follow a song like "Sunshine of Your Love" with "Tears in Heaven". This isn't technically a twofer since the former is by Cream, and the latter an Eric Clapton solo joint. However, this has been generally acceptable. It's also pretty common, so we know that we should expect a Clapton/Cream changeup from time to time. I can't say I'm crazy about it, but like I say, it's generally accepted.

However, they've gotten a little out of hand lately. Tonight, I had to call bullshit two times.

First was with Queen. They played "We Will Rock You", followed by "We are The Champions". Okay.... Time for the next band, right? Wrong! "Bohemian Rhapsody". For fuck's sake! This isn't a threefer. "We Will Rock You" and "We are The Champions" are DEFINITELY separate songs. They first appeared on 1977's News of the World as songs #1 and #2, respectively, and are always packaged on "Greatest Hits" records in back-to-back fashion. As separate songs. It's not as if I'm splitting hairs here. These are different songs. But, just as they do with Pure Prairie League's "Fallin in and out of Love With You" and "Amie", radio stations will treat the two songs as if they are one. In a court of law I would win my argument that "We Will Rock You" and "We are the Champions" are different songs, but in practical every day life, I'll have to give that one up. I'm not happy about it, though.

The other thing that I had to call "bullshit" on was when they played "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" as the first song of the twofer. So I'm thinking they'll go with a pure Stevie Nicks twofer and follow it with "Edge of Seventeen". However, I know it's possible that they'll cheat a little and go with Fleetwood Mac on the back end, so I guessed "Riannon". None of the above. They cheated A LOT by playing Tom Petty's "Learning to Fly" next.

I'm willing to grudgingly concede the Queen thing, but I won't let this one go. This is complete bullshit. Although Petty co-wrote and provided some vocals for "Stop Draggin'", it doesn't appear on his record. It's on Nicks' "Bella Donna". I suppose this paves the way for them to play Dire Strait's "Money for Nothing" followed by "De Doo Doo Doo, De Da Da Da" and call it a Sting twofer.

Horse shit!

Up next will be some questions I have about Rod Stewart's brilliant "Maggie May".

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XtianDC said...

Dood...when life gives you "Bohemian Rhapsody" you don't simply enjoy! ;)

d-lee said...

Oh. Make no mistake. I was rocking out with my cock fully out. But this isn't Nam. There are rules to "Two for Tuesday"

Bill Purdy said...

I know you say there are rules, but clearly the broadcast staff at the radio station are unaware of them (no surprise, really -- my wife dated a popular Greensboro DJ when she was in college, and my impression of him is he is largely unaware of anything besides the light indicating he's live and on the air). That being the case, it must be agreed by the participants that any two-and-a-half-fers and Kevin-Bacon-fers are automtically excluded from consideration, and no points will be awarded. Your reasoning on these examples is very clear, and should be enough for a group of friendly competitors to agree the station served up a fault.

Had I been there, though, I'd be giving up points myself -- I'd've predicted a Tom Petty song after "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" because TP is the primary performer on the song, regardless of whose record it appeared on.

You wouldn't happen to be one of those guys who got all bent out of shape when Led Zeppelin released a box set with "Heartbreaker" on it, but left off "Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)," would you?