Thursday, September 28, 2006

Superstar in your own private movie; I wanted just a minor part

Here's the thing.

I like to make games of just about anything. Fortunately, at work, there are a bunch of other guys who like to make games out of the same things. We have several games involving the radio. The oft-mentioned "Two-fer Tuesday" game used to be the only one, but now there's a new one. The way we play this game, though, is a sad indicator that we spend WAY too much time playing fantasy sports.

The way this game works is that we get to pick songs we think the station will play. The format of the station we listen to isn't important here, but let's just say it's a pretty specific format. Before we start working, three of us select ten songs that we think will be played in the course of the day. We have a slection order (a "draft order", if you will), and the selection order reverses order in even numbered "draft" rounds. Just like fantasy sports drafts. After the "draft" is over, all remaining songs become "free agents" and can be picked up. It's not that simple, though. There's a waiver wire priority, just like in fantasy sports. Once I pick up a "free agent" and drop a song to even my roster, I move to the back of the waiver queue.

Trading is permissible, only if the other player(s) approve. It's quite complex, and if anyone working that day doesn't play fantasy sports, they're really confused by these rules, which have not quite been fully developed.

If any player gets two of their songs played back-to-back, the other players have to give him $1 each. Three songs = $2 each, and so on. So far, nobody has made any money off of this, and as you might imagine, the scoring is pretty low.

In comparison to the "Two-fer Tuesday" game, where the scoring might go something like 7-5-4, the scoring of the "music carousel" is often 2-2-1.

However, the "Two-fer" game has an added dimention that has nothing to do with the radio. Bonus points can be had for being proficient at a carnival-style game of chance.

Don't ask me. I just work here.

Coming soon -- a post about "new car shower-offers" and commentary about TO.

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