Sunday, October 28, 2007

just one cold look from you can knock me down

After a few months of silence around here, I've decided to make another run at keeping this thing up. Like I always do, I'll make grand promises to be more devoted to this blog, but I doubt that I'll hold true to those promises.
I've been thinking about a few different posts for this place, and instead of cranking them out old-school style, I'm mulling them over.

A few months ago, I was "tagged" over at the hockey blog and asked to name my top five songs of all time. I can't possibly do that. I named my top five songs by bands starting with the letter B, and I pledged to do a top five for every letter of the alphabet, but that project ended before it started. I was gonna (and still might) try that over here.

I haven't bought very much new music in a long time. I don't have disposable income, so it's a real treat to buy a new record. When the new Radiohead was "released", I downloaded it and didn't pay anything. I know. I know. Lame. That's not the point. The point is that after probably 40 listens, I keep having different responses to it. Not all of them are good. Eventually, I'd like to write something about that.

Without further ado (or as my friend Kevin says, further "adieu"), I'll use the cheapest of cheap tricks. The old "Here's what's in my cell phone text message inbox before I clean it out"

These are some of the better ones. The names have been changed to protect the innocent

  • No no. Yesterday my glasses were only a sign of a hangover. They only look good with a power dyke outfit.
  • If it was up your ass, you'd know it
  • We just called my sister to sing "Leaving on a jet plane". Thanks for the inspiration. Hehe.
  • Cksw
  • I love waffles
  • You escaped without a hug. Jerk.
  • I think you're wonderful. That is all.
  • That's coz she wasn't raised on irony like us
  • I'm scared to talk to you because I suck, so I'm doing this instead. Good to see you, love.
  • mad horseshoes! come on down!
  • You've got nice eaves.
  • Did you know that bryan and ryan share a birthday? and that I am kinda into the new avril record?
  • Move 2 raleigh
  • You made me cry.
  • Best cd yet. Hands down.
  • Lucy fucker.
  • If we're still doing lunch tomorrow, you better call and wake me up!
  • Daaaaaaang. the Hardees in Martinsville ain't on fire no more.
  • Baby pool party at vince and whitney's at 3. bring something to drink you yur swimmin' costume. call for directions.
  • whisper in my mouth
  • (you're like an) oak tree
  • I called you, jerk. What gives?
  • ...violently erotic
  • What's your tomato basil soup recipe?
  • I'm listening to fox in the snow, which makes me think of you
  • I just got hit on by a 21 year old while studying at denny's. he had to leave when his dad came over to get him.

Many of these are from the same two or three people, and many of them have some reference to some joke, but it's sort of fun to share them with folks completely out of context. For the record, I have no idea what "cksw" means.

Here's my favorite, which came after I failed to return a large number of voice mails and text messages:
  • Are you hibernating, watching hockey and drinking guinness, growing a beard and reminiscing about Throwing Muses shows past?

That's it for now. I'm also going to immediately work on a post about my latest Scrabble tournament.

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Reid said...

That's quality stuff. My text messages have gotten all boring lately. Just lots of "on my way"s and "where are you"s.

Good to have you back in the blog world.

Bill Purdy said...

Aww... I've missed this blog. Thanks for coming home.

WufPirate said...

Big time Beta Band fan here. Good stuff.