Monday, July 14, 2008

A challenge

I want to present you, dear readers, with a challenge. I challenge you... I dare you.... I double dog dare you to get this song out of your head. The R&B/B&R video of the day: "My Year in Lists" by Los Campesinos!.

Seriously, try to get it out of your head. You can't do it. Sure, you might be able to shake it for right this second, but maybe later today, maybe sometime tomorrow, there it'll be. In your head.

I'm a fiend for all the stuff on the Arts & Crafts label, and although I don't own anything by these guys, I like what I've heard. And this damn song, which is just under 2:00, won't leave my head. I can't help but laugh, though, at the fact that they're trying so very hard to look emo, or twee, or whatever you wanna call it. I mean, nothing screams "I am twee as fuck" quite like an office green zippered hoodie. Except maybe a yellow t-shirt under a purple hoodie with a yellow badge pinned to it (especially if it's a badge of your own band). Oh, and a girl with a star tattoo on her wrist playing the bass for you. Oh. And self-reference. They've got that in spades. The only thing that would make this band more twee is if they were all wearing black-rimmed, tiny-lensed glasses.

Another thing that I think is funny about this video is that the drummer, Ollie Campesinos (wearing the green t-shirt in this video), looks alarmingly like a circa 2003- Eric Staal.

Anyway, enjoy the video. Try to keep the song out of your head. Good luck.

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