Monday, June 19, 2006

...and i'm keeping it full of ice on your advice

Tonight, dear friends, my whole world will be defined.

As you may know, I am quite passionate about hockey and my Carolina Hurricanes. Tonight is game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.

Somewhere around 11:00 tonight, I will either become the happiest person you know, or the most soul-crushingly depressed person you know.

Please think of me and my boys. Better yet, watch the game on NBC, starting at 8:00. If you're lucky, you'll see me and my horrid beard on national TV.

Peace out.


Reid said...

So is part of the rule of the playoff beard that you're not allowed to trim it or anything?

I'll bet it doesn't look as bad as you think it does. But you'll still probably be happy to get rid of it tomorrow.

Scott said...

So were the hockey players doing this too? I hadn't followed much of this season but when I watched game 7 last night, it seemed like every player had a beard. On both teams, even.

Susan said...

Dave, you might appreciate knowing that the Canadian Embassy just sent a case of schwag beer (Alexander Keith's IPA) to my office.

H said...

Oh, you like hockey?

Amanda said...

Soul crushing depressed like your bastard Hurricanes made me? Too bad you didn't get to feel it. No really.. I'm happy for you. Sort of. Hugs and Kisses!