Monday, June 26, 2006

playing tracks six and seven again and again

Holy crud! Two posts in one day! What's the world coming to?

Since my "inbox" and "outbox" are full, and since I've been threatening to do this for some time now, and since it gives me something to write about, I'd like to share some of my favorite ingoing/outgoing text messages from my phone. Many of them are from/to the same person. If you're reading (and I know you are), you know who you are.

Because it's been my life and blood for the past three nine months, many of these are related to hockey.

  • Scrabble is 4 losers
  • New rule: Never ever NEVER EVER EVER put your pom pom in your ballcap so you look like a cartoon Billy Ray Cyrus
  • My mom says chocolate chip cookies represent the mongrel race
  • Congrats! See you soon, bitches!
  • Oh. plenty o' beer
  • That KFC "meal" looks like a poultry abortion
  • Damn homey. Yr gonna look like John Walker Lindh. Go Canes!
  • Don't be shy on the TX Pete
  • Bad Russian goalie, this one
  • Can read yr sign all the way over here
  • god... You guys have to be so damn good...
  • PS I like the new Dandy Warhols. Fuck PFM. Thx for the CD. See you Saturday.
  • **GREAT** assist by Staalsy!
  • JoVa looks stoned on the bench
  • You exhaled??? Wait ... Me too
  • I'd be too. "Outcapitalized" is the new word for "lost"
  • I am not cake or a lesbian. Enjoy the game.
  • Dang. Ain't no sandwiches during soccer.
  • McCreary and Watson tonite. McGeough won't even be in the building.
  • Have you taken your pants off yet?
  • I BELIEVE!!!
  • and what about that beard?


  • Makin' out yet?
  • Hedican is a BEAST!! Great PK
  • Lavi looks like a genius with that change in goal
  • I dunno. Still at work. FedEx usually arrives at 4. Are they sweet?
  • McGeough sux
  • Finnish?
  • Good team against a bad goalie
  • I heart you??
  • Oilers are too cute with their passes
  • WOW!! Great killing
  • If they showed a running total, it would rock
  • You see the pressers? MacT was a little bit snippy
  • By the way, has WAY better lineup cards
  • Chili good to go.

Now that I have a permanent record of these, I can delete all the messages. Sweet.

Coming very soon: a "top 11" list of reasons that Canadian football sucks.

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Bill Purdy said...

It is both a blessing and a curse to have a friend who 1) drinks (and thinks he's more "creative" when he does so), and 2) has a phone with a full keyboard on it.