Monday, November 28, 2005

don't listen to your grandmother's advice about us

The first order of business today is to pass along something that I should have caught on my own, but it was brought to my attention by Great White Bear, who suspended his "Hockey Friday" post and also took time out from his political rantings to report the death of George Best. Best was, as most of you loyal readers know, one of the best footballers the world ever saw. He passed away on our Thanksgiving day following complications from a liver transplant. Aside from being a fantastic soccer player, he was also as much of a pop icon, with his good looks and his hard living. In honor of him, you should play The Wedding Present's fantastic album George Best (which is currently out of print.)

I had a rock and roll good time over the weekend. Friday night was a Canes game, which we won. Afterwards, I went out with my seat-neighbors, who are the best ever. We went to a few Raleigh bars including a shitty one owned by former Hurricane Bates Battaglia. The other places we went were cool, so it made up for it. I had to work Saturday morning, and then back to the triangle area to see the Dandy Warhols on Saturday night. Beforehand, we went out to Peppers, and to my delight, the "Party of four, let's rock and roll" guy is working there. He was gone for a while, but he's back! Only now it isn't "party of four, let's rock and roll". He likes to do the fist pound with everyone.

The Dandys show was pretty good. The sound was good in my opinion, but I wasn't crazy about the lights. Anyway, they played a good mix of new stuff, old stuff, and some stuff I wasn't familiar with. They were putting on a good show, but sadly it was a Chapel Hill crowd. Chapel Hill crowds have always been Chapel Hill crowds, and they always will. It's gotta suck for the bands.

I might be a little more active around here in the coming weeks, as the Hurricanes are embarking on a two week road trip. I'll try to be more active, anyway.

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Bill Purdy said...

Since I often count myself among the "Chapel Hill crowd" at the Cat's Cradle in particular (and, lately, Local 506, too), I kinda wonder what, exactly, distinguishes it from, for instance, a Winston-Salem crowd. Cuz, for my money, Cat's Cradle is a sweeeet venue ([small size + non-smoking + cheap tickets] - [35 miles from my house] = sweeeet venue), and the crowds are always pleasant, polite, and knowledgeable. And they seldom smell too bad.

Wish I could've made it to see the Dandys, but I was flying back from Colorado. Did Zia at least take off her shirt?

(Coincidentally, if I had a "Now Listening To" feature in my comments, it'd show a thumbnail of Odditorium, which I am currently listening to for the very first time. And which I am kinda digging.)