Thursday, April 06, 2006

you're turning into a poor man's donald trump

Here's a story of conicedence.

Today I had to make a quick trip inside the post office. On my way in, I noticed a car with the personalized license plate "GEEK". I kind of chuckled, envisioning some egghead programmer guy. But immediately I wondered to myself "What if they're a "real" geak. You know, a geek in the carnival performer sense of the word?" Then I further wondered whether the person with the car even knew about the carnival performer sense of the word.

When I got into the post office, I immediately noticed an exceptionally cute woman of my approximate age buying some stamps. We made a little bit of eye contact, and exchanged a quick smile, and it kind of made my day. My business in the post office was very quick, so I was back outside in time to see her drive away in the "GEEK" car.

Somehow, I thought it was perfectly fitting.

now playing:

Flaming Lips At War with the Mystics


Bill Purdy said...

How is Mystics? I bought it yesterday (with a bunch of other stuff, including the 5.1 surround sound version of The Soft Bulletin), but haven't had a chance to hear it yet.

XtianDC said...

I'm really enjoying Mystics so far...but its the kind of album that I really only want to play when I can give it my full undivided attention (ie, no work spins). That said, it pretty different from the last two. It's not so much of a comprehensive statement as it is a just a collection of great songs. Also, I saw the band in NYC this past weekend and was blown away. This band should be experienced at least once in everyone's life. It was like a gigantic birthday party...balloons, confetti, people in Santa Claus and alien know, everything you want in a rock'n'roll show.

d-lee said...

Oh yeah. I agree completely.

I've seen the Lips twice. Once was when they were touring for "The Soft Bulletin". I didn't get there in time, but the first few people in the door got to wear special headphones that were playing a closed-circuit broadcast of the show. This allegedly made the experience much better. The show was complete with the balloons and confetti and fake blood and bunny rabbit suits. It was wicked awesome.

The other time I saw them was years and years ago just after "Hit to Death in the Future Head" came out. They were playing in support of Throwing Muses. At the time, the Lips weren't into the stage production that they are now, plus they were only the supporting act, so they didn't go all crazy. However, the last two songs they played were Throwing Muses covers, so it was really cool.
I completely agree that everyone needs to see them once. And if you haven't seen the documentary about them, "The Fearless Freaks", you need to do so now.