Wednesday, September 21, 2005

i thought i could organize freedom -- how scandanavian of me

Some things have gone on at work.

A week ago, one of our bartenders was feeling really under the weather. We were really amazingly slow, so I made him some soup. The amigos watched in amazement, and one of them asked me "how do you know how to do that?". What, are you kidding? I've been cooking professionally for 13 years and managing kitchens for 10 years. Yes, I can make soup from scratch. Actually, I can make a couple of really kickass soups from scratch. Evidently, the recipient of the soup was equally amazed. It was all he could talk about for like three days. I think it's funny when people are surprised that I have skills. I'm no CIA or Johnson & Wales graduate, but I have a few skills.

The next night, some crazy wild stuff happened. One of our regular customers was there late night having a few drinks. Apparently, he was under a lot of stress, and his blood-sugar level was low and whatnot. He was fine one minute, then he suddenly fainted. Not "passed out drunk", but fainted. He came back to, and was fine for a little while, but then it happened again. We made the decision to call 911. So it was a Thursday night, not a whole lot going on, and it was about 12:30 at night. Say what you will about Emergency Services, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that firemen were on premises in less than two minutes. Ambulances were there in less than three, and cops in less than four. Of course this was more commotion than was necessary, and it kind of frightened some of our customers, but everything was fine.

In other work news, I've been officially offered a salaried position. The terms of the deal aren't known at this point, but I've agreed to it in principle. I've enjoyed the past couple of months being just a regular joe, but I knew it wouldn't last forever. I've also recruited one of my favorite guys from my previous place, and I've got another one of those on stand-by. I think it's going to shape out just fine. I had a long talk with the owner (who happens to be an extremely beautiful woman) yesterday. Some of it was about the job, most of it wasn't. I had to make sure of one thing before I even agreed in principle, and that was that I didn't want my hockey schedule to interfere with her expectations of me. I have taken every stride to make this a known variable since I was hired in May, but I just wanted to make sure. No problems there.

Yesterday, somehow I let it out that I was a bit of a Scrabble enthusiast, so I ended up playing two games against some of our other employees. I held back a little bit, laying off of the odd three-letter words, but I was still trying to do well. I won both games handily, and I actually kinda felt bad in one of them after getting the pretty common complaint made by living room players "man, I just played five tiles and got 9 points, then you laid down two tiles and got 36 points! That's not fair!" It's okay, though. They'd crush me if we played chess.

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Reid said...

You see? You blog about soup and you get spam.

But I want some of that soup, Dave. The kind doesn't matter. I want some of that soup.

d-lee said...

It was chicken noodle.