Thursday, September 01, 2005

the people we have met in the worst five years, and will we remember them in ten more


Sometimes, if I get bored at work, I start thinking about strange things like bizarre movie connections, or people I haven't seen in 10 years, or some dumb shit that happened in the fall of 1993. Sometimes my thoughts flow into pretty good ideas, but more often than not, it's stupid stuff. I usually make plans to share those thoughts in this forum, but I sometimes have a hard time getting it to make any sense. Once I start writing it, I realize that it's no good.

I'm going to share some of the sick, twisted shit that was in my head last night. I will also offer the caveat that the following is in extraordinarily poor taste. I am fully aware that if Hell exists, they have a place reserved for me there.

Because of all the really bad Katrina and the Waves references lately, I started thinking about the worlds most tasteless mix-tape. Actually, I only came up with seven songs. What do you want from me? I was at work(i.e. not able to cheat by doing internet searches), and although I'm pretty good, I'm not a walking Trouser Press guide. Without further ado, here's the tunes. Some more tasteless than others.


    Katrina and the Waves -- Walkin' On Sunshine
    Scorpions -- Rock You Like a Hurricane
    Bob Dylan -- Blowin' in the Wind
    John Denver -- City of New Orleans¹
    Pixies -- Stormy Weather
    Love and Rockets -- Waiting for the Flood
    Led Zeppelin -- When the Levee Breaks

That was about all I could do. I started to feel bad about how wicked I am.

I do feel bad for those hundreds of thousands of people whose lives are in complete turmoil right now, and making light of the situation isn't a very nice thing to do, but I did offer the caveat. Several times.

now playing:
Cat Power -- You Are Free
Cat Power You Are Free

¹ I know that John Denver didn't write this song, but at the time, I had no idea who did, and this is the version we all know, anyway.


doug said...

I dunno, some of those aren't bad - if you took out the first two songs, it could shape up to be a decent and fairly tasteful tribute.

that doesn't mean you're still not a sick bastard.

H said...

Dag, that's in incredibly poor taste. I mean, Jeff Buckley's dead, for Chrissakes.

Kevin said...

i think it's "without further adieu."

would you say, david, that katrina caused the superdome to become somewhat "undomed?"

d-lee said...

You know, Kevin.... I was thinking that you were trying to shannon® me, with the ado/adieu thing,so I didn't snap back with "No it isn't".
Just to be sure, though, I did a google search, and both come back with thousands of uses.

There's an interesting conversation about this here on some dude's blog. The commenters point out that there might be valid uses of each way.

As far as "without further adieu is concerned:
"Adieu" is a common parting phrase borrowed from the Old French and/or Latin. Originally "a dieu" (with God) suggesting "may God be with you". I can understand the point of someone who is not much for long good-byes saying "let's part without any further adieu" meaning "let's not go back and forth with all this 'good-bye' nonsense. You go that way and I'll go this way, and we'll not make a big misty-eyed scene of it"

as far as "ado" is concerned:
Ado, meaning fuss, bother, or commotion. Famous usage by William Shakespeare. People say "without further ado" meaning, "I'm not going to prevaricate about the bush any longer. I'll just get to the point"

I will grant you that "without further adieu" is, sometimes, proper. However, in this case, I don't think that it would make any sense. To me, anyway, the ado usage makes sense.

d-lee said...

Kevin, I still don't understand why you didn't just play mounded.

Reid said...

Yeah, it's definitely ado. You could make a point for adieu, but only as a mistake that also somehow makes something resembling sense.

Scott said...

Granted, you did say "here's the tunes" when it should be "here are the tunes." He picked the right sentence to correct, just the wrong phrase.

d-lee said...

Scott, you should have put the period on the outside of your quotation marks.

not this:
Granted, you did say "here's the tunes" when it should be "here are the tunes."

but this:
Granted, you did say "here's the tunes" when it should be "here are the tunes".

Kevin said...

i'm all broken up about the adieu fiasco, as david will tell you. it took very little researching for me to find that i was wrong, dead wrong.

this is karmic punishment, no doubt, for my numerous corrections of folks' usage of sour grapes over the years.

Scott said...

I would normally agree with you, Dave, except that after reading the book Eats, Shoots and Leaves, I discovered that putting it inside the quotes is technically correct. Putting it outside the quotes, though I think it looks better and makes more sense, is apparently a common American error.

d-lee said...

Although I'm not the novelist in this group discussion, I really think that that applies to a quotation that is a whole sentance, or the entire sentance is a quotation (however you want to look at it). In this case, the words being quoted were not a sentance unto themselves. If you really want to get techical about it, the quotation ends before the sentance does. Doesn't it?

Now.... I've never read Miss Truss' book, but isn't she pretty much regarded as an ass clown?

Yes, Lynn, we know. You're British, and British people are vastly superior to any other race or nationality of people.

By the way, I once bought a book by Hubert Selby Jr. just to spite that bitch. I mean, I wanted to read the book anyway, but I specifically remember my thought process. She must despise Hubert Selby more than John Irving and Tom Wolfe hate each other. For some reason, Selby refuses to use apostrophes. In their stead he uses forward slashes. Take that, you daft (expletive deleted)!

Kevin said...

You're definitely trying to shannon me on the "sentance" thing. I will not stand for it.

d-lee said...

No. Actually, I'm just a dumbass. It's "sentence", but I was on crystal meth when I wrote that, so I spelled it wrong.