Saturday, September 17, 2005

your sister says that i'm no good

In the spirit of the list posted by my good friend Kevin, and in keeping with my obsession for posting bulleted lists, here's another.

My top seven nine single plays (of 100 points or more)ever in Scrabble:
(a lower case letter indicates the use of a blank tile)
  • QUEUeING 212 points

  • STARKERS 194 points

  • REPRISES 149 points

  • aBORTIoN 144 points

  • DETOXING 125 points

  • QUILTERS 118 points (not landing on a triple-word)

  • WRINKLED 113 points

  • sNAGgIER 113 points (added 09.18.05)

  • INMATES 100 points (not landing on a triple-word; same game as 'sNAGgIER')

Unlike Kevin's VINEGARs which was for 149 points in an over-the-table game against yours truly, none of these have come in real over-the-table games. They've all been on isc.

Also, unlike Kevin, I've never had a natural hat trick¹, or a "turkey"² ( getting three consecutive bingos). I've had quite a few games with two consecutive bingos (including some in over-the-table play), but I've never been able to get the turkey. I've got quite a few (including some over-the-table) games where I was able to get a hat trick (three bingos) or better. Just none of the "natural" variety.

One of my favorite consecutive bingo plays came just a few days ago when I played RAINiER vertically for 73 points and on my very next play, I went horizontally through the N to play RAINIEST for 62. Not a ton of points, but it was pretty flashy. If that had occurred in a tournament, I would have won some prize for that. But alas,... I just get to boast about it and sound like a neo maxi zoon dweebie .

¹ In hockey (or soccer), a natural hat trick is when one player scores three goals in a game without a teammate or opponent interrupting the streak. Much less common than the garden variety hat trick. I've been witness to this rare feat once in my life (Josef Vasicek of the Hurricanes versus the San Jose Sharks on 10/28/03).

² We don't really call three consecutive bingos a "turkey" the way you call three consecutive strikes in bowling a turkey. It just doesn't come up that often.


Kevin said...

David, David, David.

It was 212 for "queuEing," playa. If the second E had been "real," instead of a blank, it would have been worth 221, but as it was, it was (10+1+1+2+1+1+2)x9+50=212.

I mean, wasn't it a smashing enough play without your making shit up, you daft ****?

(I even went back and looked at your game library to double check--it was a game against "swampuppy," I think.)

d-lee said...

yeah.... in my mind, I had remembered it as 212, but when I looked at it in my library, it lists it as a 221 point move. I don't understand why they list it that way, because clearly it should be 212. I'll change it.

d-lee said...
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Brushback said...

Hey, there's no "Now Playing:" entry at the end of this post! What a gyp!!