Wednesday, August 31, 2005

electricity and lust won't break the door

Just as soon as one member of the red and black is the new black and red family leaves us, another joins us. I ran into my friend Kevin tonight, who informed me that he's been blogging for a few weeks now. Here's his link. He's kinda new to this, and from what I've read, he likes to run a G-rated site. Don't let it stop you. He's a very intelligent and witty guy. Give him a read.

Kevin turned me on to a site, which I'd like to introduce to the lot of you. This guy Jamie Rieger has a site that I might not have thought twice about, but there's something really amazing there. He decided to read Homer's epic poems The Iliad and The Oddysey. Just for shits and giggles. When he discovered how daunting the task would be, he decided to take comedic notes as he read, and he indexed those notes for the Iliad here and the Oddysey here. I strongly encourage you to stop by and give him a read. You might want to empty your bladder first, though. Start with the backstory to the Iliad, which had me in tears.

Now. Here's the question. Who reads The Iliad for funsies? I seriously have to give this guy mad props for undertaking the Sisyphean task of not only reading it, but taking notes the whole time, then taking the time to catalog those notes for our pleasure. And then to make it all be funny?

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Kevin said...

slicing up eyeballs i want you to know

thanks, david. i think you're very intelligent and witty too, the fact that you said "burro" as your first hint for "donkey" at catch phrase ("hilarious! frenzied!") the other night notwithstanding. and you didn't even roll the ars.