Friday, April 08, 2005

a dead and hanging man who was kissing foreign fishes

I haven't bought a lot of new records lately. I kinda feel out of the loop in that respect. I can't keep up with all the kids. And when I really think about it, most of the stuff that I've bought lately has either been new releases from bands I've listened to for a decade (Bettie Serveert, The Wedding Present), or something else that isn't "fresh" or "new". I haven't really been able to say anything interesting when asked "What are you listening to these days?". Nobody's going to be at all interested when I say, "Oh, mostly the oeuvre of Stephin Merritt" or "Lots of My Bloody Valentine". Fucks' sake! Take a look at all of my "now playing" entries, and you'd think this was November of 1993.

That makes me a little bit sad that I can't keep up. I guess maybe this is a desperate cry for help. I need you, dear readers, to help me be cool. Please instruct me to go purchase specific records by the newest, hippest indie rockers.

After reading the excellent post by Bears Will Attack that was loosely related to this, I realized that I do have some cool, hip, new records and I just don't listen to them enough. I was definitely identifying with his their commentary about feeling the need to have every Superchunk record, or whatever. Really what you end up with is a lot of EPs and b-side collections that, frankly, aren't really that good. And you've spent hundreds of dollars just so you can say, "Yeah, I've got this one ultra-rare cd by Olivia Tremor Control". However, (and this is the excellent point illustrated by BWA) you feel vindicated when you have swum through dross to come across a gem like Death Cab for Cutie's cover of "Brand New Love". I realized I wasn't paying that John Byrd EP enough attention, so I listened to it something like 12 times in a row. Then I just decided to put that "Blacking Out the Friction/Brand New Love" medley on infinite repeat. I don't have the same kind of sentimental response to "Brand New Love" that BWA has, but I love it nonetheless. If you don't already have this EP, go scoop it up. It's only available at select record shops, but most of you go to those shops. If you can't find it, or you are "lazy or spastic", you can also order it from the Barsuk website.

Also, yesterday, I decided to go buy something brand new to me. I remember a song by Andrew Bird from Reid's mp3 jukebox. I remember liking it a lot, so I went out to scoop up Mr. Bird's excellent album "The Mysterious Production of Eggs", which I'm really enjoying. So anyway, that's what I'm looking for. More direct or indirect suggestions for stuff to buy. Preferably the direct kind.

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Xtian said...

Hey Dave, my recommendations aren't going to be any cooler than anything you'd read in a recent issue of Spin magazine, but I'm guessing you'd really like any of the following recent-ish records: Bloc Party "Silent Alarm", the Decemberists "Picaresque", Keren Ann "Nolita", Damon and Naomi "The Earth is Blue", Doves "Some Cities". Not so recent, but still highly recommended: any record by the Detroit band Saturday Looks Good to Me. I'd bet my life you'd absolutely love either of their last two, "All Your Summer Songs" and "Every Night". Word.

greatwhitebear said...

I really like Andrew Bird, especially NERVOUS TIC MOTION OF THE HEAD. And i agree wholeheartedly with Xtian....Saturday Looks Good To Me is a terrific band, just another reason my native motown is still the most vital music city in North America. I really like their sound... kinda a 60's garage band beat with No Doubt/Mighty Mighty Bosstones ska overtones. Very listenable.