Tuesday, April 05, 2005

hark the sound of tar heel voices

Thousands of fans pack Franklin Street after UNC defeated Illinois 75-70 for the NCAA Championship
An estimated 45,000 UNC fans queued up at Miami Subs
packed Franklin Street, partying until well after 2:00 am

Okay, so I'm not a professional photographer,and I didn't have a helicopter, so you'll probably like the above photo, from the Raleigh News and Observer better than the ones I took, seen below.

I had such a blast in Chapel Hill watching UNC win the National Championship. Way more fun than if I had stayed in town. Of course being with Karen was a contributing factor to the enjoyment of it, but just being in the heart of all that was the greatest. When UNC won in '82, I was only 10 years old. Not old enough to enjoy it. When they won in '93, I watched the game in Greensboro, and went to Chapel Hill after the fact. This time was different. I watched every agonizing second of the game in Chapel Hill.
I discovered that the reason Karen wasn't at all worried about getting in at the bar was that she, and all the other regular patrons at that bar had spaces reserved for them. So there we sat at Orange County Social Club, on a couch. With a perfect view of the enormous projection screen. In true form, they had the sound from the tv muted, and Woody Durham's radio call going full blast. No self-respecting Tar Heel fan would do it any other way. Actually, when Felton made those final free throws to put the Heels up 5, the roar in the bar became so deafening that I didn't get to hear Woody say "And the Tar Heels have won the National Championship!" I'm sure I'll get to hear it at some point.
It was really cozy in the bar. They were really being strict about the "members only" policy, and they weren't allowing guests, which apparently didn't apply to me. Anyway, it didn't get too packed in there, and although it's clearly an indie-rocker bar, everyone was as pumped up about the game as the people in the sports bars. So, so, so much fun.
I met some of Karen's friends, all of whom seemed really cool. They were all really nice to me, anyway.

I didn't make it home until about 3:30 in the morning. Thankfully, I have the day off today, so I got to get a decent amount of sleep.

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