Friday, May 13, 2005

as they ricochet around the room, they remind me of your starry eyes


For the second time since I've lived in this apartment, the house has been sold. The first time, it was a really seamless transition. You don't even think about the stuff that has to go down in order for that transition to be so seamless. In this house, for example, the landlord pays for the water and the gas for the hot water. I haven't met the man who owns the house now, but he dropped the ball on getting the gas switched over to his name. I have water, but no hot water. That means that I obviously can't take a shower. At least not a hot one. Since I haven't met the man, it took some work to get a hold of him to raise hell about this. I had to call the previous owner, who gave me the number of the real estate agent, who contacted him for me, who had one of his lackeys call me back. I explained that there isn't hot water and that we need it on with a quickness. "Oh, yeah.... I guess that slipped our mind" he said. "Yeah, well that doesn't get me a hot shower when I need one. If you remedy the problem today, I won't be overly upset", I said. "Okay, well, uhhh... we'll give you a heads up phone call about this later". Knowing the way utilities people are, I'm fearful that the folks at Piedmont Natural Gas won't be able to get it done for a couple of days. Grrrrrrrr. This is hardly a way for this guy to start off as landlord. Now is really not a good time for me to have trouble with this. Or maybe it is. Maybe I should move somewhere. Somewhere out of this town, perhaps.

Had I remembered to wager $5000 on Giacomo for the Kentucky Derby, I'd be sitting on over a quarter of a million dollars, and this wouldn't be an issue at all. Oh, wait! I'm not the kind of person who has $5000 to waste. I forgot.

I'm really going to enjoy this cold shower before work today. I know you're all envious, but you're going to have to try to contain it.

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Scarlett said...

Don't even get me started

d-lee said...

by the way, welcome back, scarlett! :)