Monday, May 09, 2005

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Today was a freakin' beautiful day. As was yesterday.

Karen came into town last night, and we went to the ballgame with my friend Dr. Awesome. The thing about Dr. Awesome is that he isn't a doctor of medicine or a doctor of philosophy or a doctor of science, or any of these ¹. He's a doctor of awesomeness. I don't really know where that nickname came from, but it works. He's a guy I used to work with at the big new restaurant, and who now lives directly across the street from me.
Anyway, we went to the ballpark. The first time any of us had been inside the shiny new stadium. It's pretty impressive, but I do have one complaint. This is gonna sound dumb, but it really did bother me. There's this new fancy scoreboard with a video screen. During the game, you can watch the game on the big scoreboard screen. That's all good and well, but the thing is, they don't show replays. Just a live feed, that's all. Seems they would invest a few more dollars to give them a productions room where they can do replays and the like. Aside from that, I was really impressed. The Greasehoppers won, although we weren't really paying attention after the 6th inning.

Karen stuck around today and we sat on an upstairs patio drinking a couple of beers. She was off today, and this is my last day of freedom. Tomorrow, I'm starting a job. It's just another cooking job, and the pay is going to be pretty far below what I was making, but not bad for an hourly guy. I might like not having any responsibility for a while. You know, just go to work and go home at the end of the night. Nothing else. The discrepancy in pay should be enough to set a fire under my ass to find a different career or something like that. I'd hate to have to find a roommate or cut back on the few luxuries that I do have. I can only survive about a half a year under the status quo.
With respect to that, the schedule I'll be working is going to be a good one. I'll work nights mostly, which will give me time to look for other stuff during the day. And as fate has it, my days off will be the same as Karen's -- Sunday and Monday. At least for a little while. I should enjoy the good things this will provide me. In addition to those cool aspects, I already know most of the bartenders and servers, and I already like them. So there's that on top of that.

The key thing here is that when I'm talking to somebody I don't know or who I haven't talked to in a while, I no longer have to say "actually, I'm not working at all right now".

More news on all this as it develops.

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1 Please note that this is the second time in less than a week that I have used my blog to make reference to She Don't Use Jelly by The Flaming Lips. I don't plan to make a habit of it. It just kinda happened.

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