Wednesday, February 16, 2005

...and I thought at 15 that I'd have it down by 16

Wednesday will be the day.

Barring a "miracle off the ice", NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman will make an announcement sometime around 2 pm on Wednesday that the NHL season is officially cancelled. There have been some pretty impressive eleventh hour compromises made by both sides, but they're still a couple million dollars off on the salary cap. Frankly, it was a huge concession by the NHLPA to agree to a cap of any kind. The league is sitting on $42.5 mil while the NHLPA is sitting on $49 mil. Really, 6.5 million is not that much when you're talking about that kind of money, so there's still a faint glimmer of hope that they can agree to something like $45.25 mil. That's the players budging a little more than the league. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway. Remember, though.... you read it here first. $45.25 mil.

I know most of you readers haven't even noticed, and many more of you don't care, but this has been a big heart breaker for me. That's the main reason that I keep talking about it.

On to other things..... a big topic shift.

There's this woman who I may have a crush on (henceforth referred to as "crushy"). I don't see her all that often, but whenever I see her, we have good conversations and I sort of think that it would be fun to date her. However, she doesn't have a very good filter between the thoughts in her head and the words out of her mouth. Sometimes she'll say something kind of idiotic that I'll think is cute, but I don't know if this thing tonight fits into that category. As best as I can remember it, here is that conversation:

random person: I wanna get a bunch of people together for rollerskating.
Me: I don't think I've been rollerskating since..... well, since freakin Ronald Reagan was in the White House.
crushy: what grade were you in?
me: I don't know... third, fourth?
crushy: I was in sixth grade when Reagan was elected.
me: 1980.
crushy: are you sure?
me: yeah. The elections in our lifetime went to Nixon in '72, Carter in '76, Reagan in '80 and '84, Bush Sr. in '88, Cli..
crushy: how do you do that?
me: do what?
crushy: I'm not good at math.
me: Math?!? That's not math. That's history. And besides, I was a Political Science major. I hope I still remember something.
crushy: yeah, but all the subtracting and stuff. I have to remember it by what grade I was in.
me: Yeah, but it's not math.
crushy: for me it is.

I don't suppose I have a point. At the time, I thought it would be funny to write about this, but it doesn't seem so funny now. Oh well. I guess just the announcement that I may have a crush. I also have a huge crush on Parker Posey, but she's never going to go out with me. At least "crushy" lives in my town and we know one another.

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doug said...

well, I thought it was funny - and reminds me of another math story. When I was teaching Intro to Geology - which requires VERY little math, this girl in my class was having trouble ID'ing minerals or rocks or something like that, and at a point of frustration said "I dunno if I'm able to do this, I'm just not very good at math!". Huh?!

H said...

I thought it was funny, too. Although it was kind of hard to follow the story because of all the math involved. At least she doesn't want to high-five after everything you say.