Tuesday, February 22, 2005

wilco and stuff

So I just got back from seeing Wilco. Every other time they've played near here, I've farted around too much and missed my chance. This time, however, I got my tickets way early and made sure I wouldn't miss it.
Early on, there was a really weird vibe. It didn't feel like we were having fun, and Jeff Tweedy certainly wasn't. The first time he spoke to the audience was when he took the chance to single out one guy and rip him a new asshole. They were doing a cover of a Woody Guthrie song,a quiet song that evidently means a lot to Tweedy. All throughout the song, some guy near the front (this was a sitting-down show) kept screaming out "Dude, play "She's a Jar". Between songs, Tweedy told him he needed to respect the music and "shut the fuck up, pay attention and you might learn something someday". After that it was a little strange, but somehow the show took a turn for the better after that. It was a blast. Incidentally, "She's a Jar" actually was on the set list, but they refused to play it. "On principle". Even though the sound quality was a little spotty, and the crowd was not a real good one, the show was pretty damn good. I didn't get to hear "Heavy Metal Drummer" or "Passenger Side", but I was really happy to see "Outtasight (out of mind)"

I'm pretty exhausted, so that's about all I can post for now.

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doug said...

man, so maybe that dude who spilled beer all over my seat and jacket was there! That sucks about the crowd - but glad they put on a good show. At the Memphis show someone kept yelling for them to play "California Stars", and he politely refused saying that they weren't prepared to play it, and if they did, it would sound exactly like the album version, and if you want to hear it, go home, put on the record, and listen to it. But he said it in this very gracious and honest way that was pretty endearing. Anyway, people suck. Just listen and enjoy for cripes sake.