Tuesday, February 08, 2005

obsession (version 24.2)

Dammit. I just found another thing that I'm obsessively addicted to: The Sundance Channel . I do this from time to time. I'll forget that I have it, or I'll just get out of the habit of watching TV at all. Then I'll watch one or two things, and it just snowballs from there.

Today I watched this documentary short about California surfers and how territorial they are. They like to protect their beaches, only allowing locals to surf there. Sometimes they go to violent extremes.

I put Sundance on my tv listings on my homepage, and I noticed that there's some really good stuff coming on over the next couple of days. Namely, some movies that I've been screaming about and one that doug mentioned over at his blog. If you've read this blog recently, you've heard me rant about Pieces of April. It'll be airing all this month on the Sundance Channel, including this Wednesday night (opposite the Duke-Carolina game). Click the link to see showtimes. You may have read Doug's blog and seen his posts about The Battle of Algiers, which will also be showing this month.

What I'm even more excited about, and what you should all fire up your DVRs for is that they'll be showing The Last Just Man , which I saw in its theatrical debut at the 2002 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival , where it won the Audience Choice Award. I strongly urge you to DVR this film, or stay up late or skip work, or whatever it takes to watch it. You are not a good person if you don't watch this. Seriously, watch this film. It might alter your fond memories of a certain former President of the United States, and it might make you question your support of a neo-isolationist foreign policy but you shouldn't let that stop you from watching it. It's quite good.

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