Thursday, February 24, 2005

so there's two muffins in the oven, and one of them says...

I'm kinda creeped out by this Friendster thing. I joined the other day at the pleading of my friend Amanda. As soon as I got signed up, there was a friend request from about a year ago when someone invited me to be their friend. I guess it holds the request indefinitely if you are a non-member.
Right now I only have three people in my "friends" list, but it's downright creepy how far that gets. I was typing in the names of people I haven't seen in 10, 15 years, and they would come up as only three or four degrees separated from me. Even some folks who have lived far away or even overseas somehow are not that far removed from my very small network. Maybe it's not so strange, but to me it is. The way the connections work.

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Scarlett said...

Let me freak you out further. I found out recently that I'm 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon. And now that I know you; you are 3 degrees from Kevin Bacon (from me, anyway...maybe you already know him). Cheers!

d-lee said...

No.... But I'll be happy to settle for three degrees of Kevin Bacon.

My only claim to a really famous person is that I was in the same fourth and fifth grade class with a kid who went on to play linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. If I assume that I am one degree to Bernardo Harris, that makes me two degrees to Brett Favre. My sister was high school chums with Roman Phifer, who plays for the New England Patriots. That makes me three degrees from Tom Brady.
I have a couple of friends who had recurring roles on "Dawson's Creek" which makes me two degrees from Katie Holmes. If that isn't glowing hot, I don't know what is.