Saturday, February 26, 2005

the redhead said you shred the cello

I read some local news this morning that makes me furious. A 27-year old Forsyth County woman threw her newborn baby in the trash . Autopsies indicated that the baby was a full term, LIVE birth. This finding is critical in the interest of the State's ability to prosecute her. And I hope she is prosecuted to the fullest extent. I generally don't support capital punishment, but this kind of person doesn't deserve to live, in my opinion. She definitely doesn't deserve to have custody of her other child, who is now in the custody of DSS.
For the record, North Carolina has a Safe Surrender Law, which allows an overwhelmed mother to surrender her newborn to any responsible adult, without fear of being prosecuted for abandonment or endangerment. She can just walk away. The onus is then on that responsible adult to notify Social Services or Police, who will ensure that the baby is put up for adoption. The Surrender is completely legal, completely anonymous, and without strings. It's a reasonable alternative to shit like this. My limited research on this suggests that there are 41 other states with similar laws, but most of them require the mother to take the newborn to a hospital. The North Carolina law is very clear in that the mother can take it to any adult, provided that the baby hasn't already been harmed.
Sadly, this is neither the first time this has ever happened, nor will it be the last. I just can't make any sense of it.

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greatwhitebear said...

I cannot fathom what would drive someon to do sucha ing!