Friday, February 11, 2005

please tell me that i'm not a sicko

I'm hoping that I'm not a freakazoid.

You, dear and loyal readers, are very normal, well adjusted human beings. Right?

Don't ask me how this came up, but at work the other day the subject of eye licking came up.

Me: "Yeah, that thing over there kinda reminds me of, ... have you ever licked someone's eyeball?"

Sarah: "Oh hell yeah"

Me: "It's not quite what you expected was it? But still kinda fun, right?"

Sarah: "Exactly!"

Somebody overheard that exchange and thought it was the grossest thing ever. I then realized that I was talking to probably one of the most perverted people I've ever come into contact with, so I asked some other folks. I got a really mixed response. Folks had either done it, or thought it was a horrifying thing. It was almost as if I had asked them "have you ever made out with a corpse?"

Anyway, help me out here. What do you all think? There's a little poll over there to the left.

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Reid said...

Licking someone's eyeball doesn't sketch me out nearly as much as having my eyeball licked. And I guess I prefer to keep things even, if you catch my drift.

doug said...

Uh, that's just plain ol' weird. But hey, whatever floats yer boat I guess!

H said...

"Maybe" is always the best answer. Except when it comes to making out with a corpse. That's just sick. I've even made out with girls before who may as well been corpses. I never had the nerve to ask them, "What's the point of that?" But I've always wondered, what's the point of that?

greatwhitebear said...

unless you actually licked someone's eyeball, you're not a sickie. Those who have on the other hand......

doug said...

I talked to my brother about this - a 3rd year Optometry student - and his almost professional advice was: that's just strange. Plus, you could easily strip off the eye-lickee's iris or something nasty like that. I'm just sayin' though.