Friday, August 12, 2005

I need someone much more mysterious.... to be my mistress

I'm still alive.

I've just been so busy with the mistress blog that I haven't had time to post here.

I've also had a mixed up schedule at work, and I've gotten out at 2:00am three of the last four days. That kinda wreaks havoc on the sleeping schedule. Oh well.

Did anyone else think it was riotously funny that in the preview for this week's SFU, the voice-over said "Be sure to watch the second-to-last episode of Six Feet Under"? Amanda and I both laughed our asses off when they said that. Often, though, we laugh our asses of at things that nobody else does. Maybe it's just us.

I'll make an effort to be more present around here.

Coming soon will be the re-telling of a really bizarre story of synchronicitous playings of "Personal Jesus", which occurred last night. For now.... it's time to go to work.

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Modest Mouse -- Good News for People Who Love Bad News
Modest Mouse Good News for People Who Love Bad News

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greatwhitebear said...

Be thankful you don't live in Detroit, where the news is so slow you wouldn't have bothered to open our mistress blog!