Monday, August 22, 2005

i'm the only one who laughs at your jokes when they are so bad

I've been meaning to pay more attention to this thing over here, but I haven't been doing a good job. I'll attempt to bring something to the table each day this week. Hopefully it all pans out.
I know for a fact that Hansy hasn't seen the series finale of Six Feet Under, but I'm gonna go on about it anyway. Hans, avert your eyes....

Holy crudballs. I haven't wept like that in a long time. There was no one thing in particular that made me weep. I guess it was just the overall sadness of it. I dunno. I actually kinda liked the way they wrapped it up. I was thinking that maybe they would give us the written version of everyone's ending (the way they do in non-fiction movies), but I kinda liked how they did that. My only thing... Claire living to be 102?!?!?! I doubt that very much. I also doubt very much that she would have married that Ted dude. What do you think?

In other news, despite my inactivity on these pages, I've been getting lots of google search hits. Here's some of the new ones:

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Sadly, nothing raunchy. Not even anything suggestive. None of the usual "black girls butts" or "girls shaking their asses" or "roman gladiator helmet" or "full frontal crash test". Incidentally, I don't think I've ever written about Vijay Singh or Phil Mickelson, so I don't know how that one came back.

Last night, I had a wicked awesome time at our neighborhood park. A bunch of us gathered there to play whiffle ball. We actually managed to gather enough to where there were five players to a squad. My team got decimated. I think it's gonna be a regular Sunday night thing, but I'd be surprised if we can duplicate the feat of getting 10 players. I hope so, but a few of the people there were marginal characters. I wouldeven go so far as to call two of the players "guest stars".
After the whiffle ball, we partook of the kiddie playground and, of course, the beer we brought with us. Yes, it's illegal to have alcohol in a city park, but we're so bad-assed that we don't give a damn what John Law has to say. That's how we roll.

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doug said...

loved it too, dave. especially the Sarah Blasko song - very weepy, but not in the stupid way. The flashforwards were pretty great - like a much more emotional end of "Raising Arizona" (with the desert and everything). And with modern medicine and all - I could see her living that long (I liked how the focus was on Claire to be the family legacy). And Ted's pretty cool - I could totally see that - actually, I would think they would've gotten married sooner. He made her that mix tape afterall. I mean, come on! How about the Keith getting gunned down thing? Pretty suprising, but I like the idea that even though it seems it, everything is still not perfect. Anyway, it was good. The only thing is that it made me think about life insurance...and that's not too great.

d-lee said...

good point doug.... he made her a mix tape.

It's just that she hates republicans so much. Her character doesn't impress me as the type to back off of that.

playfulinnc said...

Lord, that episode put me in a mood. Won't waste comment space on it-check out my blog if interested.

Scott said...

I could see Claire and Ted getting married, but like Doug mentioned, I wouldn't have expected them to wait until they were so old. It looked like they hadn't seen each other in years and then he shows up at Keith's funeral, and from there they got back together.

It seemed odd that Keith was working as an armored car guard at that age. That was the weakest part of the ending, I thought.

What I loved was how they basically transitioned the focus of the show from Nate to Claire. So much of the show had been about Nate feeling trapped in his life, being pulled back into the family/business after his dad's death, his unsuccessful attempts to escape, etc. They made so many parallels between Claire and Nate in the final few episodes (liked how Billy pointed out the similarity between Claire/Ted and Nate/Brenda, starting their relationships during deaths in the family). Then Claire ends up being the one who finally breaks free, just as Nate always wanted to do. Almost like his life was meant to help pave the way for her.

I still don't know why anyone would buy a car on the eve of moving to NYC...except that the flash forward wouldn't have looked as cool if she flew there, crammed in coach with a ton of other people.

greatwhitebear said...

badd azz gagnsta whifle ball playahs.... if only you could see the portrait that paints in my head!

Reid said...

I have no comment on Six Feet Under, having only seen a combined total of about 8 minutes of the entire series, but I would like to say that I got a search to my site for "hookers greensboro".