Monday, August 29, 2005

i've got a lot of things i want to sell, but not here babe.

It is with a tear in one eye and adobo sauce in the other that I must announce the de-linking of a dear friend to the red and black is the new black and red family.

The author of You Think You Know, but You Have No Idea has given up. Upon noticing the dead link, I actually was a little worried about the safety and well-being of its author, but she's totally fine. At a 1:00 press conference in Chapel Hill today, she offered a couple of reasons for pulling the plug on the blog. The chief one among them was that she didn't really like what she had written. Dang. I'd have given up on this a long time ago if that was the case with this blog. However, she has her other reasons, and although it saddens me, I must find a way to get over it. The good thing is that I still get to be her friend, and you poor saps will be missing out.

I hope that Amanda someday finds a way to get back in the blogosphere. She's a wonderful woman, and I wish that you all could know her (even if only in the blogosphere).

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