Monday, August 01, 2005

if i was the heart and you were the head

If your name is Hans Meyer, avert your eyes. Spoilers to follow. Otherwise, read on.

First I'm going to pull my Map-Boy impersonation¹ and pat myself on the back. I made an oblique reference to Arthur in last week's SFU post, and he showed up out of the clear blue sky this week. And to boot, that actor was also on Entourage this week. Did I call it, or did I call it?
Wow. They're not teasing us this time like they did at the beginning of season three. He's really dead this time. I usually try to avoid watching the previews, but I couldn't resist this time.
Here's what I think. David is going to feel in incredible sense of guilt. He was asleep and dreaming of smoking crack when Nate passed. He'll blame himself. He'll say that if he had been awake, he could have alerted the nurses sooner, and everything would be alright. Of course it isn't his fault, but I think he will assign some blame to himself.
Claire. What's going on with her? I know this is an extreme set of circumstances, but she's been acting in a very adult manner. Not just this week, but it's been going on for a couple of weeks now.
I have some misgivings about how they treated the waiting room scenes, but that's not really all that important.
I don't think much, if anything will be established next week. They'll have the funeral, and that's about it. I think Claire will be furious with Ruth, and that'll be a little side story next week. And don't quote me on this, but Claire may develop some interest in getting into the business. Susan may be onto something with this "full circle" business. Remember in episode one how Nate freaked the fuck out at the funeral of Nathan Sr.? I see Claire doing the same at Nathan Jr.'s funeral. I really do think she's going to feel some sort of obligation to the family. Not so much to Ruth, but to David and to the memory of Nate. I wouldn't be surprised to see her start handling the intakes (which is about all Nate was doing) at the home.

Please enlighten me with your thoughts and comments.

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¹ Many of you readers attended college with me, so you are aware of who Map-Boy is. My joke here is about how he used to sit in the Bryan lounge watching the Braves on TV. As every batter for the Braves came up to the plate, he would say "C'mon (insert the player's initials), knock a homer". No joke. Every batter. Of course there would be home-runs, and he would proudly say "Did I call it, or did I call it?" every time.


doug said...

Man, the Arthur showing up in BOTH SHOWS was a great call. I even found myself saying "Dave called it". Actually, I'm confused - was that David's dream or was that Nate's dream right before he died? I thought it was Nate's...because of EcoTone - he was becoming one with nature by going into the water...then he died. Or something like that.

Xtian said...

Map Boy...HA! The other great thing about him was how he christened every player with the highly imaginative nickname first "initial-second initial". IE, when Fred McGriff would step up to the plate: "C'mon, FM, knock a homer!"

Scott said..., those blinking shoes. Someone else brought him up in conversation the other day. There's a blurb about him in the most recent magazine's alumni notes.

That was a good call about Arthur. Funny he showed up in Entourage. He was also in the US version of The Office.

I think that was supposed to be both Nate's and David's dream, or some sort of transition from one to the other.

I definitely see Claire getting involved in the business. Hopefully Nate will still be in the show as a ghost, like his father. I'd hate to see the show continue without him at all.

d-lee said...

wow. I forgot all about the blinking shoes.

playfulinnc said...

When I saw Arthur, I was all..."I've missed you!" and then those plastique blondes scared me with their strap ons.