Wednesday, October 05, 2005

he knows how many freckles she's got, she scratches his beard

Part one of my sports/birthday request came true. I could have lived without the tension of the furious comeback by Favre and Co./massive collapse by Carolina, but the end result was good, so I can't complain.

The day itself was kind of strange.
I stopped by work to check on something before I left town, and I had a couple of beers. Good times. Then I went to the record store and picked up the new records by Death Cab and Echo & The Bunnymen. Good stuff. I really like the new Death Cab, and I gave the Echo & The Bunnymen record only one half-assed listen, so I can't really say, but I liked it.

I listened to both as I made the drive from Greensboro to Charlotte. As is par for the course, I hit some really heavy traffic about half way there. Stand-still interstate traffic for a little while. After one of the times that we got to move a couple of feet, I didn't stop as quickly as the car in front of me, and I literally tapped her bumper. Lady got out and looked at it, and didn't appear to be all that concerned, as there wasn't any damage, but she insisted that we exchange contact information and insurance information. Nothing will come of it, and like I said, there was no damage, but it wasn't a fun thing.

When I got to my folks house, we kind of sat around for a while, and they had a cookout planned for the entire condo association, so we did that. Big fun (not really).

Later, but before the game, I got a call from a friend I haven't really talked to in ten years, but who has been calling me a lot lately. She didn't know it was my birthday, so it was sort of lucky. It's really strange, reconnecting after so much time.

The game seemed like it was going to be a blowout, but suddenly took a turn as Brett Favre showed us why he's so damn good. It came down to the nail-biting end.

Now, I just need the other part of my sports/birthday wish to come true. Although the NHL season starts tonight with all teams in action, our home opener is the one I'm talking about. I'm so incredibly excited about going to hockey games again after an 18 month layoff.

I've got the DVR fired up to record the Canes game tonight and also the OLN game, which I think is the Flyers and Rangers. I'll be working tonight, but as soon as I get home, I'll watch the Canes game. I'll also be interested in seeing OLN's coverage. Although there's plenty of doubting Thomases about the NHL going to OLN, I think it's great. I wrote about this at the other place, but the nutshell is that Comcast and OLN are owned by the same guy who co-owns the Flyers. So he knows hockey and he wants to make sure it gets terrific treatment. It was not getting it from ESPN. Down the road, he wants to make an NHL Network for broadcast in the United States. Canada already has such a thing, and it would go a long way in the promotion of the sport in the United States. 24 hour hockey programming? I love it!

That's it for today. I have to go to the other place.

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greatwhitebear said...

I agree with you about the Comcast/OLN move. And have you noticed NBC is already promoting it's NHL game pretty heavily. they had a really nice show on Saturday about the rule changes and such.

tonight I get to see my first game in HD. HD Net is going to broadcast three NHL games a week. Tonight is the Wings and the Blues. really looking forward to it!

doug said...

I watched a little of the OLN coverage - it was good I guess - don't know much about hockey coverage. BUT, I'm glad it's on OLN, because I think they should do really well with this sorta niche market - I mean, they will essentially become the NHL network - and that'll probably mean a bit more money going their way, which in the end will mean they will (hopefully) feature more sports that i like to watch on OLN - like bicycle racing (be nice to see all the spring European classics and maybe some of the other tours - not to mention the entire Tour De Georgia). So, it's good for me...I hope. The only problem with OLN is that they have a very limited selection of commercials - so prepare for that - it gets really annoying. Maybe they will get more with the NHL games.