Sunday, October 23, 2005

you kiss like a rock but you know i need it anyway

Do you like chess? Sure you do. What about boxing? Yeah, sure, why not. How 'bout mixing the two? this has to be the most fucked up thing I've seen in a very long time. Talk about a niche sport! I read about it in Sports Illustrated, to which I got a free subscription as part of a promotion (and subsequently forgot to cancel). I normally don't care that much about SI, but once in a while there's something good in there. Maybe even a picture of Biba Golic, who is known as "the Anna Kournikova of ping-pong".
Anyway, the chess boxing is for real. And people go nuts over it. This clip of a chessboxing event proves even further that Germans are weird. My favorite bit is the heartrate monitors on the contestants.

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Reid said...

And just like that, I'm checking the ESPN listings for ping-pong. Hoo-WA!