Thursday, October 13, 2005

should have been a west coast bride

I'd like to encourage everyone to stop by Sidearm Delivery today for Dave's exercise in combining band names to come up with funny stuff. Remember Malmsteen Can Dance? Four Non-Malmsteens? It's like that.

It is also my suspicion that Reid from areseven has ghostwritten Kevin's latest post at Southpaw Grammar.

now playing:

Bettie Serveert Attagirl


Reid said...

areseven don't ghost write for nobody but areseven, dig?

d-lee said...

You're trying to tell me that you didn't write the following paragraph?

There is one thing, though. These people are awestruck by the concept of eating pizza in the office. They walk by my office on those days when I am eating leftover pizza that I brought from home, and they MUST STOP AND MENTION THE PIZZA. They can't believe it! Pizza! In! The! Office! They don't actually say this but it's obvious from their faces. What they say is worse. They say, "Pizza, huh!" or "Mmmmmm!" or "Pizza today?!" or "Hey, pizza!"

Whatever, dood. That's got James Reid Dossinger written all over it.