Friday, October 14, 2005

your favorite colour is that of red wine, which brings me around to your favorite pastime.

After getting a big kick out of the Sidearm Delivery band name project, I decided to play along while I was at my internetless work.

I came up with a few, and I'd like to encourage all of you to submit your own, or maybe to play along by doing this on your own blog.

  • Archers of Meatloaf
  • Belle, Biv, DEVO & Sebastian (a three band combo!)
  • Katrina and the Rogue Waves
  • Bow Wow Wowhaus
  • Sleater-Kenny Chesney
  • Sleater-Kevn Kinney
  • The Slant 6ths
  • Velocity Girls against Boyracer (a three band-combo)
  • G Love and .38 Special Sauce
  • Innocence Mission of Burma
  • Ecolyn & the Bunnymen
  • L7 and the Ragged Tigertrap(this one is kind of cheating, since I'm joining a band to an album title to another band)
  • Dub Narcotic Sound System of a Down
  • Air Miami Sound Machine
  • Aztec Camera Obscura

  • The Shipping New(s) Pornographers

Whattaya got?

now playing:

The Decemberists Picaresque


Reid said...

I'll try to think of some, but no way I'm going to top "The Slant 6ths" or "Ecolyn and the Bunnymen". Awesome.

Susan said...

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Yeah Yeahs

That's the first one I thought of. But I am going to be obsessed with this all weekend.

Susan said...

A couple more:

British Sea Power Station
Gang of Four Non-Blondes

H said...

Yanni DiFranco
New Kids on the Bloc Party
New Depeche Model Army
Megadeth Cab for Cutie
American Music Club Nouveau
Club Nouvelle Vague
New Bjork Dolls
Frank Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Crowded Housemartins
Fountains of Wayne Newton
The Future Radioheads
The Jesus Jones & Mary Chain
Men at Kraftwerk
Morrissey and Cake
Public Eminem
The Rolling Stone Roses
The Rolling Stone Sigur Róses
Pete Seegur Rós
Allsaint Etienne
Collective Soul Coughing
Talk Talking Heads
Camper Van Halen
My Bloody Morning Valentine Jacket

This is fun.

Brushback said...

God Is My Co-Three Mile Pilot
Stone Shirley Temple Pilots
Busta LeAnn Rimes
Cheap Trick Springfield

d-lee said...

-Southern Culture on the Skidd Row
-Modest Mouse on M.A.R.R.S.
-(for my NC homies)--New Fast Automatic Daffodillon Fence
-They Might be Giant Sand
-The Juliana Hatfield Theory
-Godspeed you! Black Sabbath Emperor
-White Strypers
-Ben Folds Five for Fighting (alternately Pizzacato Five for Fighting)
-Keren Anthrax
-John Spencer Blues Explosions in the Sky
-American Analog Set Fire to Flames
-Set Fire to Flaming Lips
-The Apples in Stereolab

Brushback said...

"They Might Be Giant Sand"-- that's awesome!

doug said...

I don't have any at the moment, but there was a band playing around here that was called the George Jonestown Massacre