Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I was shipwrecked with this frog who was endlessly testing my faith

I went back to the open mic night thing last night. This time, sans friends. My reason for going there was simple: I was in search of a woman who I talked to last time. Sadly, she wasn't there.

However, I did get approached, and I wouldn't exactly say hit on, but approached by a girl who is about half my age. Okay... probably not half, but I would say considerably younger than the Hales Law¹ lower limit of 24. A cute girl who plays at the open mic thing, and plays some really cool stuff. On paper,irresistiblee. However, too too young for me. This week, she played a Pavement song, a Belly song ("Untogether") and the same Michael Penn song ("No Myth") that she played three weeks ago. A couple of weeks ago, I thought that it would be fitting if she did a Camera Obscura song, so I asked her about that, and she didn't know them. I strongly encouraged her to give them a listen, but I don't think she'll remember.

That out of the way, I wanna talk about some observations from last night and the previous three weeks at open mic.

I saw a couple of guys up there two weeks ago. One was playing the guitar, and the other was air guitaring. I found it to be both comical and, in a strange way, really inappropriate. What do you think?

One guy answered his cellphone while he was on "stage". I know it's really informal and all that, but that's pretty lame.

Lots of people use cheat sheets for the lyrics. At first I thought it was cheesy, but I guess it isn't that bad. It is, after all, informal.

I thought I had some other observations, but that's it. That's all.

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Small Factory For If You Cannot Fly
¹ The Hales Law of Minimum Age for Dating Consideration dictates that the threshold of appropriateness for a man dating a younger woman is that she be half his age plus seven years. Minimum. In my case, the minimum appropriate age would be 24. I think that might be a little too young, but the Hales law deems it to be appropriate.


Reid said...

Come on now, Dave! I swear you could overthink your way out of any dating situation. Don't worry about the age. If you like her and she likes you, don't worry about rules and what some people perceive to be right and wrong.

If she seems like you have nothing in common because of the age difference, then it would make sense to not ask her out, but that could happen even with someone the same age. It's silly to not ask her out solely because some people might see her as being "too young". Just ask her out, man.

doug said...

I say, if she plays Camera Obscura next week, you ask her out. Hales Law or not.

Xtian said...

Considerably younger than 24? So she could be 18. Yeah, I can see why wouldn't be move to ask someone that young out. How about this...find out if she's still in school (and by school I undergrad). If she's out of school, go for it. Sure it seems arbitrary, but I think that speaks to larger issues more appropriately than an arbitrary number.

As for answering a cell phone on stage. The only thing less than rock'n'roll than bringing a cell phone on stage is actually answering it.

Ivan said...

Perhaps she's Sexy + 17. Dave's little rock n' roll queen. Acts a little bit obscene. Gotta let off a little steam
Dig that sound shake it around she's Dave's, Dave's, Dave's...

But remember, if she is seventeen and you do the "naughty naughty, loud and bawdy, t-t-t-t-t-tease her" allow me to refer to Skid Row's hit 18 and Life...

d-lee said...

I'm guessing 20. 21 at the most... 18 at the least. She's at UNCG getting her undergraduate degree. That's all I know.

I might have said... "I saw her dancing there by the mp3 machine. I knew she must have been about 17 ... The beat was going strong .... playing my favorite song..."