Wednesday, October 12, 2005

one of us is a cigar stand and one of us is a lovely blue incandescent guillotine

I'm still alive.

I should report, first of all, that the sports gods came through on the second part of my birthday wish, giving me a 3-2 shootout victory by my Canes over the Pittsburgh Penguins. Both the football game and the hockey game had positive endings, but both had a little more tension than I would have hoped for.

There is lots of stuff that I should be commenting about. From a horrible traffic accident on the interstate last week (one that I was not involved in) to the idea of singularity, to the state of things at work, to music, to talking to a really cute girl at a bar, to my latest Netflix rentals, to the changing face of over-the-counter medication as we know it.

I'm just not really on the ball so much.

More on all of these topics later. Probably in reverse order. I have to get ready for tonight's hockey game.

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