Thursday, October 20, 2005

zurich is stained and it's not my fault

Allow me to toot my own horn for a second.

I am loved.

At least in Canada and the Russian Federation. And Slovakia. And certain parts of the United States. And by one lone person in Latvia.

One of my nuggets of genius over at the hockey place, concerning really bad hockey jerseys, was recently the subject of much talk. I was featured in the 11th Carnival of the NHL, hosted by the brilliant Jes Gölbez. I was also linked in some sort of online edition of the Toronto Star. Since then, my pageload numbers have skyrocketed. I typically average about 35 pageloads a day over there, but the last four days have been 118, 85, 285(!!) and 101. The Carnival, to which I submitted the article, helped a lot. I never could have imagined the explosion I got the next day when the Star found me and referenced my blog.

Unfortunately, I haven't been offered any MOWs or any book deals or any multi-million dollar product endorsement deals, but I'll take the attention while I can get it.

Now if there was only a way to get the newspapers to start talking about THIS blog, I'd be really happy.

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Brushback said...

Jes did a fantastic "Carnival"-- I think it's the best one so far. He left me out of it, though, even though I submitted my stuff early enough (perhaps too early).

Oh, well.

Kevin said...

That is cool as all hell. Seriously.

doug said...

Yeah, that's pretty cool - you should put a paypal tip jar on that site - could get you some extry cash - or Canadian Dollars and Slovakian Koruna's.

d-lee said...

Thanks, and sorry for the slam on the Preds. If they can go 6-0, they can wear whatever ugly sweater they want, though.

doug said...

Oh, well I think it's hideous too - but if they keep winning, I'll bet they never abandon it. I think the whole Preds thing is strange anyway - what a boring name! When we moved into our house, our garage was adorned with a huge Predators banner - it didn't look that bad, but just kinda boring, so I took it down. I should sell it on Ebay or something.