Wednesday, March 30, 2005

... and she's eating her fingers like they're just another meal

Since I was a retard and I slept till noon yesterday, I couldn't get tired at the normal getting tired time. So I was up until like infinity o'clock just watching teevee and stuff. I was a little late getting out of bed this morning. Actually, I was a lot almost an hour late. I don't seem to learn about this Tuesday night thing. I have to be up and at 'em on Wednesdays, but I've been having trouble with that. I had full intentions of going to bed early, forgoing a trip to Chapel Hill in favor of bed, but that obviously didn't happen.

I've been watching the first season of Six Feet Under on DVD. I stated watching early in season three, so I thought I should get seasons one and two from Netflix. I really love that show, and now that I have more back story stuff, some things are making a lot more sense. Nate makes a lot more sense to me. Brenda makes more sense to me. Claire makes a little more sense. I can't say that I know Ruth any better, but oddly, I think David makes less sense to me now than before. I still don't know when season five starts, but I'd like to be completely up to date when it does. I'll assume that it starts in June.

In the meantime, however, it'll be March Madness out the wazoo. I'm getting really pumped up now. I know it seems bandwagon-esque, but those of you who know me know that I'm a Heels fan through and through. It's also looking like I should come out tops in one of the pools I entered. No money, but the bragging rights are kinda cool. I don't have any chance in the one at work. There's money on that one, but almost everyone picked an Illinois v UNC final, so I can't possibly make up any ground on anyone.

I'm not really a baseball fan, but there's just a few days 'til opening day, and the fantasy leagues I'm in should keep me occupied until fantasy football (and more importantly, real football) starts. That will, in turn, keep me occupied for a few more weeks until the NHL gets the 2005-2006 season going. I'm thinking they'll get started on time, even if it means they have to use "replacement players".

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playfulinnc said...

ooh...Six Feet Under is one of my fav's too...I wonder when the new season comes on. I just netflix-ed "One Flew over the..." and let me tell ya...that was great. Nicholson and Devito acutally acting??

d-lee said...

If you can believe it, I've never seen Cuckoo's Nest. I've currently got it at #12 in my Netflix queue.

playfulinnc said...

if you can believe it...that was my first time. Totally recommend it! Stay away from "The Forgotten"-it stunk.

What else is on that queue?

doug said...

Yeah, Six Feet Under is great - I've watched it since episode 1, but I can understand your thing about watching it starting at a later season then going back and catching up - I am doing that with "the Wire", and I think it makes it really fun to watch and be like "OHHH, that's why he's like that!" - sorta like you are adding onto an already great story. Or something like that...

Scarlett said...

I've loved all the 6 Feet seasons; but, the first is still my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Susan here. The new season starts Monday, June 6. Yes, I said Monday. I guess HBO is trying to spread the programming a bit. I can't wait. I love SFU. I love Peter Krause. In fact, I've got "We Don't Live Here Anywhere" waiting for me to view this weekend. I'm squeamish about the subject matter (I generally loathe movies about adultery and people treating each other like crap), but the Peter factor (as well as the Naomi Watts and Mark Ruffalo, I have crushes on 75% of the cast of this movie) won out.

d-lee said...

Susan, you'll enjoy WDLHA. I saw it in the theater when it came out. Yeah, it's a lot fucked up, but it's still a good movie.
Heck, I'm with ya on having a crush on 75% of the cast. As for Laura Dern..... I freakin' hate her. Okay, and really, I'm not that into Mark Ruffalo, but I like everything I've seen him in.
Speaking of movies about adultery and treating people like shit, I saw "Closer" last night. Although I liked it, it made me feel all icky. And depressed. In the very same vein as WDLHA. I guess the difference is that Naomi Watts is WAY hotter than Natalie Portman and Jude Law is WAY hotter than Peter Krause.