Sunday, March 06, 2005

are you freakin' kidding me?

Sean May is god.

24 rebounds and 26 points by the big fella in the 'Heels 75-73 thrilling win over Duke. I'm writing this too early for any professional site to have a story about the game, but I don't think Duke even had 24 rebounds as a team. That's just stellar.

This guy is a feakin' machine. 8 consecutive double-doubles.

On a night when the Heels were again forced to play without their best player, and their outside shooting was, well, sub-arctic, the rest of the guys really stepped it up.

Due to some really unfortunate timing, I'll have to miss the ACC tournament, but I'll be pumped up for it nonetheless.


doug said...

Congrats. But, why did the Carolina student body rush the court? Don't they know they were ranked #2 whilst Duke was #6. I thought they would know better! I guess that's the equivalent of the Cameron Crazies wearing t-shirts confirming them as such.

d-lee said...

Dang Doug. I know you've been living out of NC for some time now, but there were two things going on there that you may have forgotten about.
(1) UNC clinched the regular season league championship outright. The Wake-State game has no bearing now.
(2) UNC beat Duke. It wouldn't matter if UNC was #1 and Duke was #225. It's still the UNC-Duke game.

Even though this wasn't an upset, its still a huge game. UNC had lost the matchup 3 times in a row and lost 7 of the last 8 meetings.

I'm just sayin'

doug said...

well, that is all true, but it IS Carolina - isn't there a "no rushing the court rule" in effect as there is at other top tier basketball schools? But, I guess the 7 of 8 thing probably pushed them over the top...and that clinching the season championship thing (damnit!). Ah well.

Reid said...

Yeah, the 7 of 8 thing is a pretty huge deal. And considering what a lousy way they lost in the first game, it just made it an even bigger deal.

I still can't believe that they came back from 9 down with 3 minutes left. Amazing.

Do they really have don't-rush-the-courts rules at other schools? It seems like it happens all the time.

doug said...

I know at Kentucky there is an unwritted rule of "UK fans DO NOT rush the court" (The football field? Yes. Even in losses. But the basketball court? Sacred.). And I think Duke shares the same sentiment. Not sure about Kansas. I also forgot that the Illinois loss and a loss by every other top team (including frickin' UK) except Wake was probably incentive.