Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Don't you know that the dirt's on fire down here

I HATE change. I'm really stubborn, too. However, I recently had to make a change that was actually less painful than I thought it might be.

I'd been doing my wireless phone service with Cingular for a billion and a half years, but I was having serious problems with their service. Every time I would call the local office to bitch about the network being down all weekend, they would pretend that they had no idea what I was talking about. Meanwhile, none of my calls were going out or coming in. My Cingular contract had expired earlier this month, and I knew I would have to get a new phone anyway, so I was faced with a decision. Stay with Cingular because it's easy to maintain the status quo, or make a change. I knew that any change at all would be an improvement. Surely none of the other providers' networks repeatedly go down for entire weekends. However, change is still change, and I don't like it. In the end I decided to go ahead and make the change. At the suggestion of several friends, I went with Verizon. I actually had no idea it would be so easy. I was in the office for about 15 minutes, and I got to keep my old number. The first phone they put me in ended up not working for me, and they happily honored their 15 day return policy, putting me in a much better phone.
Anyway, I made it through the change just fine. So far, I'm happy with my choice.

Speaking of cell phones, does anyone else have Harry Connick Jr. hounding them to sign up for SunCom? I swear he's after me personally. He's on the radio like 40 gozillion times a day, and he's on billboards all over town harassing people in the name of some provider I've never heard of. The funny thing is, I wouldn't consider him to be all that valuable as a "celebrity spokesperson". Maybe I'm out of the loop or something, but didn't he lose his celebrity appeal sometime in about 1993? They might as well use Arsenio Hall or for that matter Anthony Michael Hall or Darryl Hall. They each have about as much star power as Harry Connick Jr.

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Scarlett said...

Personally, I would pretty much buy anything Harry offered me. I might even give him 25$ to let me tousle his hair.