Saturday, March 05, 2005

i missed my stop, but i got it just right

Amanda's birthday was a lot of fun. I got to meet some of her other friends, and the small group of us went out for Thai food and bowling. I don't remember the name of the place we went, but I'm always reminded of the plethora of Thai places in DC and their horrifically anglicized names we always joke about. If we had been in DC, the place would have been called "Thai one on" or "Your Shoes are UnThai-ed".

I must admit, (add this one to the list) that I have a crush on one of Amanda's friends. I'd met her once before, but for some reason didn't have a crush on her then. I sure do now. Sigh. Amanda totally called me out on it, too.

Okay, here's where it gets a little weird. We were putting our name on the waiting list at the bowling alley, and there was a couple standing beside us, getting their shoes and whatnot. I recognized the girl as my freakin' prom date. 16 years ago. We live in different parts of the state, but I see her about once every two years or so, and it's always in a really random place. Where the stars had to be aligned just so. Gas station on the interstate, supermarket in a town neither of us lives in, a bowling alley when both of us are celebrating the birthday of a friend. It's never at a rock show or something like that where I would halfway expect to see her. As fate had it, when we finally got our lane, we were right beside them. So I got a chance to catch up a little, and meet her boyfriend or fiancee or whoever that guy was. Nice guy.

That's it for now.

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Amanda said...

Why does everyone have to have a crush on Britt?? Doesn't everyone understand that... EVEN THOUGH I'm gay... I still want everyone to have a crush on me?!? JEESH.

playfulinnc said...

Amanda needs to blog more so we can develop our crushes long distance...

doug said...

what's wierd is you were waiting for your shoes at a Thai that's strange. ;)

d-lee said...

you know full well that I have the biggest crush on you. Don't sweat it. My crush on Britt will wane very quickly. By Thursday, I'll have forgotten all about it.

d-lee said...

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang, Doug.
I forgot to mention that the waiting for shoes was at the bowling alley, not the Thai place. Terrible transition on my part. But then again, I am my mother's son.

Reid said...

Funny story about the DC Thai restaurants: Hans was in town and we were playing pool with Weston, and when it was time to head out for dinner and we decided on Thai, we told Hans, "Well, we can go to Thai Phoon or Thai Tanic." And he gave us this great incredulous look and after a couple seconds said, "Wait, are you serious?! Those are really their names?!"

As terrible as the names are, those are easily my two favorite Thai restaurants in the DC area.

playfulinnc said...

Call me gullible, but if those restaurants do exist, where the hell are they, cause all we have on the SE side of the hill is Indian/Pakestani/bad chinese/all sorts of pizza/every kind of spanish-latin/and no Thai.

Please help a gal get some Thai back in her life. I have a pad Thar deficiency, and I work in Korean-land (annandale, va).

Oh, and David Lee's crushes are good for at least a year- don't kid yourself David...:) We all know what a romantic you are.