Saturday, January 22, 2005

another indie rock addiction

Alright. Sombody needs to get me some help. I'm hopelessly addicted to Pedro the Lion. I just can't stop listening. In my car, I've been listening to Achilles Heel on infinite repeat for about a week. Right now I am listening to Control . I just can't stop. Lucky for me, they're coming to the Cat's Cradle next Sunday, so I'll be able to enjoy them live.

The weather is crappy today. Freezing rain. They had called for mixed precipitation giving way to clear skies and warmer temps, but that hasn't happened so far. Just nasty ass freezing rain. That means we'll be slow as hell at work tonight. If it snows a foot, we would be busy as hell, but this stuff is just no fun at all. Nobody wants to freeze their ass off just to get a burger and a beer unless they can also play in the snow.

I messed up my rotation, and I won't be getting any more Netflix movies until Monday. Last night, I watched the 1965 version of "Flight of the Phoenix", which lived up to its expectations. I highly recommend it to anyone. Certainly not one of the best movies ever made, but really good nonetheless. I don't see how the new one can be any better, or really even worth the time. I rarely see the point when classic movies are remade. However, that seems to be all Hollywood does these days. Everything is either a straight-up remake, or heavily based on a classic film.

Speaking of which, I guess I am kind of excited about the remake of "Bad News Bears". I think Billy Bob Thornton should be perfect as Buttermaker. However, I think that Richard Linklater might try too hard to make it into a bizarro freaked out thing. I hope it goes well.

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Reid said...

Considering that Linklater did a great job of making School of Rock a perfect 80's cliche movie and had no problem making Before Sunrise and Before Sunset straightforward romantic talkers, he seems like a director who's able to make a movie the way he thinks it should be made, rather than a director that forces one particular style onto a movie. I'm pretty optimistic about the Bad News Bears.

Then again, I'm pretty partial to those Houston-bred directors.

By the way, Dave, what's up with the Bravenet page that pops up every time I visit your site? It even beats out the Safari pop-up blocker!