Monday, January 24, 2005

this annoys the hell out of me

I don't talk about football much. At least not in this forum. But this has really been bugging me.

On Jan 8, the Carolina Panthers let their radio man go. With no notice and no reason. Bill Rosinksi was the only voice the Panthers radio network ever had. 10 years. He was widely recognized as one of the best in the industry, and was one of only a small handful of radio guys actually employed by his team rather than by a radio station. He was everything a good radio guy should be: exciting to listen to, knowledgeable, biased in favor of his team, and a lover of the game. Perhaps he was a little too opinionated, though. He routinely called a bad play a bad play, or criticized players, management and coaching staff. Behind closed doors, he criticized Panthers management for not giving him an NFC championship ring when the Panthers won the NFC in 2003. A poor decision by the Panthers. Rosinski was, after all, a Panthers employee. It's standard practice for all team employees to receive championship rings. He complained about this to Charlotte Observer writer Scott Fowler, who wrote about it. Rosinksi believes that this may have something to do with his firing, and Fowler might feel a little bad about printing it.

Here's my complaint, though. If you want to fire the guy over something like that, then so be it. The Panthers, however, chose to tell Rosinski that they were "going to move in a different direction" and offered no further explanation. They offered no explanation at all to the millions of fans who tune in every Sunday. The team's official website has removed all evidence of Rosinski's affiliation with the team and never made mention of the firing. We deserve some sort of explanation. Rosinski is very good at what he does and will quickly find work with some other team. He will rightfully hold a grudge. We fans, though, will have to suffer through some new guy, or have the moron color guy step up. And he really is a moron. Unintelligent, inarticulate, and completely humorless.
We deserve better.

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