Thursday, January 27, 2005

pieces of april

So I had movie night last night and again tonight. I started with Pieces of April , which I didn't really know much about. I knew that Katie Holmes and Oliver Platt were in it, and that was about it. My upstairs neighbor watched it a while back and said it was really good, but I don't really take her movie advice seriously. After all, she thought Van Helsing was (in her words) "like the best movie ever". Granted, I never saw Van Helsing, but what kind of bullshit movie has Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, a werewolf, AND Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Exactly.

I won't give away too much, but I will say that if you haven't already done so, go rent Pieces of April tonight, or put it at the top of your Netflix queue. Now! Katie Holmes isn't really even the best thing about that movie, although she does a good job. Patricia Clarkson is awesome as her mother, Oliver Platt does a good job as the father. Pretty much my favorite, though, was the job that Derek Luke did as her boyfriend. Without giving any details, I'll just say that this movie is funny, touching, and very real. It was done on a very low budget in 16 days with name brand actors, with hand-held digital equipment. In this respect, it's very similar to Full Frontal, which was one of my favorite, and one of the most underrated movies of 2002.
Oh. As an added bonus, there's lots of music by the Magnetic Fields and Stephin Merritt. In fact, Stephin Merritt wrote a song specifically for the movie. Much of the movie is unscored and has no music, but all of the music comes from Merritt. The Soundtrack is quite nice, and features some otherwise unreleased stuff. Anyway, I really liked this movie, so I watched it again tonight. Interestingly, the second time through, I was mesmerized by different things and different characters.

Seriously. Rent this movie. Today.

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Xtian said...

Pieces of April is in my queue! I've been looking forward to seeing it for awhile, for some reason. Glad to hear you loved it...maybe I should bump that shit up a notch or two.

Also, re. the new Bettie Serveert, I dl-ed the title track and was pretty nonplused. Is it indicative of the rest of the album? I'm not sure why I'm asking, as I haven't bought a BS album since Dust Bunnies. The first three rule though, don't they? Especially the first two.

Is anyone ever *plused*? The opposite of nonplused? I guess people aren't ever whelmed either. Just over- or underwhelmed. Yeah, mm-hmm, yeah. Just sayin' is all.

doug said...

Move it up Christian - it's such a great movie - we watched it right after Xmas...totally excellent!

Anonymous said...

I can't figure this blogger thing out (registering, that is). Anyway, this is Susan. Have to echo the PoA love. Patricia Clarkson is my number one idol (We saw her as Blanche in a production of "Streetcar Named Desire" here in D.C. last year...she is to die for). I love Katie some ways she'll always be Joey Potter from the Creek, but she's a really good actress and very likeable. It was a really touching film. Especially the end. Sniff. Sniff.