Wednesday, January 19, 2005

We're # 75! We're # 75! We're # 75! (plus beer, hockey and iPods)

I read some silly thing which said Greensboro is the sixth worst place in America to date. Out of 80 major metropolitan areas, we ranked # 75. Sweet! It took into account things like the number of coffeehouses, the number of bars, the percentage of single people aged 18-24, and some other factors. Then I thought, "wait a damn minute!" That's kinda cruddy that they don't take into account the number of single people over age 24. Not that I really care about this study, but those people, and the world in general need to come to terms with the fact that 18-24 isn't the only demographic that counts for anything.
We've just released a new beer at work. A smoked porter. I like it a lot. What makes it "smoked"? The malt is exposed to beechwood smoke. It's subtle, but very nice. It's getting some favorable reviews
by the beer dorks. This site is really cool, as it has beer geek reviews of just about any hand-crafted beer there is. They don't waste time, either. Our new beer has been up for six days, and it already has reviews. I'm always amazed at how sophisticated some people's palate is. Yes, beer is often as deep and complex as wine, and experts can pick apart every ingredient. Of course there are wines and beers that are low in flavor profile and shallow in complexity. But none of us drink beverages like that, right?

I may be doing a 180 here, but I have some hope for NHL hockey this season. Today in Chicago, there was a meeting between the two sides, but with Goodenow and Bettman absent. Apparently, the meeting was productive, and nobody really expected a deal to come out of it, but they'll talk again tomorrow. Something may happen then. I still have hope. So does ESPN's Terry Frei , who is probably the only person in the history of the English language who has ever used the word "obdurate" to describe a hockey team. We'll know by this time tomorrow.

I'm trying desperately to avoid the urge to buy an iPod. Every time I find myself on the brink, I tell myself that I don't really need it, but every time someone else talks about how much they love theirs, I get jealous. I think I can stave it off a little longer.

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doug said...

hey, speaking of beer - you know that place you mentioned on my blog with the rocks in the beer in Memphis? Well, they have that same beer place (brewery) here (Nashville) too - and I gotta say, the rock beer is pretty good - they also do a caske (sp?) ale which is usually really good too (sans rock). But the rock beer actually has an interesting origin - rocks were used to heat the beer in the barrel - instead of direct heat, so's you didn't burn the barrel. Now it seems kinda gimicky, but they say it makes a difference in the taste. I dunno about all that, but it's a decent brew. Oh, and the place is called Bosco's - and in my opinion, it's the best brewery in town. soooo...there...

d-lee said...

Yeah. that's the one, Doug. I just had the city wrong.
Is that cask beer one that is drawn from an oak barrel, or do they use stainless? Although it's less sanitary (because they re-use the barrels), the oak barrel is the purist way to go. Next time I come to Nashville, I'll have to check it out.

greatwhitebear said...

hey...i am getting used to doing without! no woman (eh), no IPod (bad), NO HOCKEY (TERRIBLE!). As for living in Greensboro, things could be MUCH worse! You could live in Ft. Wayne!