Friday, January 07, 2005

something about the stone roses

oh dear god

After I read Reid's post , I decided to wander around the blogs, clicking the "next blog" button. I came across a slew of blogs that were in Spanish, my own blog, a pretty cute one by a middle school girl talking about the difference between "like" and "love", and I settled in on Mikey Guitar , a lad from Manchester who writes mainly about music.
Most of his posts are really short. Two or three sentences. There was, though, a sizable post singing the praises of The Stone Roses "Second Coming" . He says that the record was "an underrated masterpiece" and that because the record was universally reviewed as a disappointment, that "NME is nothing more than a chip paper" and that "it sits in millions of people's top ten album selections".

Help me out here. Maybe I just can't see it, but I thought that "Second Coming" was shite. Barely even listenable. We all remember how much we adored "The Stone Roses", and we eagerly and patiently waited five years for that second record. Maybe we were all were (at least I was) expecting another record full of songs that sounded like "I Wanna Be Adored" and "Shoot You Down" . This wasn't it.
Of course this guy may be taking it a bit too personally that the Manchester darlings of 1989 weren't so hot in 1995. But what does he have to complain about? He's got the New Fast Automatic Daffodils! Okay. Seriously, he's got The Verve, Oasis, New Order, the freakin Smiths, the Charlatans UK, and one of my new favorites, Badly Drawn Boy.
Seriously. I want someone to show me the error of my ways. Show me what's so great and underappreciated about "Second Coming".

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