Saturday, January 15, 2005


What a massive disappointment!

For some reason,I decided to work this afternoon as opposed to my normal Saturday night shift. I'm kinda glad that I did work because it spared me the horror of the UNC v WFU game.

Since I didn't see the game, my opinion here is based entirely upon what I've read, what I heard from other fans and from post game commentary on the radio.

Say what you will about the officiating, and I've heard that it was a little questionable, but the thing that stands out is that Wake went 32-32 from the line. As much as I want to believe my whiny friends and co-workers (who are mostly UNC fans), I have to side with the statement I heard on Tarheel Radio. That statement was that it was more that Wake was putting themselves in a situation to go to the foul line than the refs just granting them those chances. More specifically, they were driving to the basket a lot, taking the ball inside, which generally creates more traffic and more fouls than an outside game. On the flip side, they were putting a lot of pressure and double-team on Sean May, forcing the Heels to play an outside game. Usually, this is no problem. However, today, they shot something like 28% from behind the 3-point arc, and they shot a ton from out there.
Again, I'll make a statement that will be unpopular among Heels fans. The officiating couldn't have caused us to lose. A failure to adjust to the game did. If you notice that the refs are calling a ticky tacky game (which, it sound to me like it was), then you have to adjust specific aspects of your game. If you send your opponent to the charity strike 32 times, you probably deserve to lose. However, you figure the best of the best teams are only going to hit about 80%. So let's say they go 25-32. A closer game, but you're still giving them way too many chances to put points on the board.

I think Roy needs to get these guys to practice their free throw defense a little more. Allowing a team to shoot 100% is just unacceptable.

I just re-joined netflix, and my first three dvds arrived today, so I'm in for movie night. Chinatown, The Bourne Supremacy and Jules et Jim.

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