Saturday, January 08, 2005

more hockey

I know. I know. I keep going on about this. I won't go too long this time, though.

So the league has cancelled the Board of Governors meeting that was scheduled for January 14. "No new developments", they say. Although many of us had already given up hope on rescuing this season, this was what many considered to be the "drop-dead" date, beyond which no deal could be made in the interest of playing any games this season.
I retrospect, and upon reading a comment to one of my previous posts, perhaps I was a little misleading about something. The deal the Hurricanes have offered to all of the season ticket holders is not that bad. If I chose to take my money back, I would indeed lose my season-ticket holder status, and all of the "priority" that I have accrued being on board for three seasons. This "priority" comes into play when the club allows you to select your exact seat for your season tickets. Those with more "priority" (read: longevity) get to go first. That's it. So I have to start all over. And here's where it isn't as bad as it sounds: We're not the Detroit Red Wings or the Toronto Maple Leafs -- season tickets can be had easily. If I wanted to start all over, I would be able to, and I would probably still be able to get tickets in the lower level, but they would have to be a few rows back from where I am now. All my "priority" got me this season was an improvement of three rows. To see games that aren't happening. So I'm just going to let my money silently earn about $50 in interest over a year's time. The option of taking your money back and starting all over when hockey resumes isn't that bad, but it isn't the road I'm taking.
Tonight would be a road game against Nashville; a game that I might have attended. I've been saying for some time now that I was going to start going to road games. Especially road games in cities where I have friends.
Something interesting that I was thinking about this morning is that this will be the first time that an major North American sports league has lost an entire season due to a labor stoppage. At some point in the very near future, the league will have to announce the cancellation of the 2005 entry draft, which will put some of those young players in a bad situation. They'll have to continue playing junior hockey, or play in Europe.
Still, though (and to me this is a really big deal), thousands of completely innocent people were put out of work because of this nonsense. Hotdog vendors and bartenders employed by the arenas had to be told that the arena lost 44 events, and some jobs had to be cut. Same applies for folks who usually work arena security. Same applies for hotels, bars and restaurants that rely on game night traffic for business.
I'm not going to turn my back on the game, but I'm really frustrated with the lack of effort in resolving this thing.

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doug said...

it really is sad - I saw that today is the 10th anniversary of the resolution of the last lockout...but no hope in sight today. But, anyway, you're welcome to visit anytime - hockey or no hockey!

I wonder why Canada and Europe don't start their own NHL-caliber league? Would that be feasible or even desireable? I guess it wouldn't matter much, as the issues would still be all the same. I really don't understand the business of sports.