Friday, June 10, 2005

come on. i'll let you borrow my four leaf clover.

Ahhh. Thursday.

I'm all out of whack now. I slept like a goddamn champ last night, thanks in part to Xanax. I reckon I got damn near 13 hours of sleep, but I really needed it to make up for being deprived the previous two nights. That, and the fact that I didn't leave work until 2:15 am mean that I'm still a little wound up. No sleeptime yet.

Tonight was kinda fun at work. Actually, it was slow, but not painfully so. I got to share a laugh with one of the guys when he sang "Holla back girl" Sinatra-style. It was mildly funny until he got to the "this shit is bananas. b-a-n-a-n-a-s" part. I damn near lost my shit at that point. Obviously, this wasn't one of the Spaniards¹.

After all the other kitchen guys left, and I was flying solo from 10:45 to 2:00, I brought in my cds. Normally there's the radio, tuned to top 40. So I put in Neko Case's Blacklisted, which has been the victim of recent neglect. Since I only have that one record of hers, I can't say that I'm even in the top 10,000 of Neko Case fans, but I like her a lot. As I was listening to it, a couple of thoughts came to my mind. You should be cautioned that some sappy material is to follow.

  1. I owe some gratitude to Mr. James Reid Dossinger for turning me on to her. Unlike some of the other music that Reid's gotten me into, I probably wouldn't have found Neko Case without his introduction. Thanks, buddy.
  2. I was reminded of seeing a Neko Case show on my 31st birthday. Further, I was reminded of how I've spent my last 4 birthdays doing cool stuff with girls who I had enormous crushes on. Sadly, only one of these ladies remains close to me. 30 was with Dawn, who I now talk to about once every three months or so. 31 was with Kari(at the Neko Case show), who I still really relate to, but seldomly talk to despite living just a few miles away. 32 was with Eleanor, who I was dating at the time. For the record, I have nothing against her, but I haven't spoken to her in about a year. She lives in Wisconsin now. Wisconsin is just like Czechoslovakia. 33 was in Canada with Amanda. She's the one out of those four who I'm still close with. She's actually my best buddy.
  3. Neko Case is fucking brilliant. It's been said so many times by so many people, but as I stood there and listened to "Deep Red Bells" like four thousand times in a row, that's all I could think about. If I could do something that was even one fifth as brilliant as that song, I'd be thrilled.

Okay. Now I'm pretty fucking tired, so I'll go to bed. I'll post more later.

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Neko Case -- Blacklisted
Neko Case Blacklisted

¹ I work with a whole slew of men and women who are, in fact, Mexican immigrants. As part of an ongoing in-joke, I refer to them as Spaniards.


Reid said...

As long as we're being sappy...I remember the first time I heard Blacklisted. I had picked it up during work and brought it back and was listening to it with headphones and having an IM conversation with Mr. C. David Lee, who was listening to it just a little ahead of me, and he said something like, "Woah. This second song," and then probably added something like "Holy fuck."

Dead on. Thanks right back.

doug said...

Dag, gots to add my thanks too - Reid introduced me to her brilliance as well by burning "most" of The Virginian for me - which Cory and I listened to non-stop on a great roadtrip we took to Colorado and back - I think it was the only CD we listened to the whole time (the CD also contained selections from Kelly Hogan and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts - which was also a good companion - but nothing like the Neko Case). Now I can't get enough, and I REALLY, REALLY wish she'd come play Nashville sometime. I've only seen her once with the New Pornographers - and that was great - but Neko Case at the Ryman Auditorium - that would be something. Hey, wasn't she kicked off the Opry?

Scott said...

It was actually NOT Reid who introduced me to Neko (Jason Freihage holds that honor), but he may have been at the concert at Iota where I first heard her. Kelly Hogan opened. This was when it was still Neko Case and Her Boyfriends, after Furnace Room Lullaby came out. She started off with "Set Out Running," and it completely floored me, it sounded so good. I still get shivers when I put that cd in and hear that song start up, although "Guided by Wire" has since become my favorite song of hers.

Reid said...

Not only was I at that show, Scott, but guess who it was who introduced Jason to Neko Case?

Man, I should be getting a commission.

Susan said...

Hey, I was at that show too. I can't remember who told me about Neko Case, but it was probably Reid so I will give him ten cents.