Wednesday, June 22, 2005

not piece by piece, but like a whole bucket of stars

A failed attempt at sleeping brings me to provide you with yet another movie review.

On Sunday, after Karen and I had the breakup, we still went out to eat, and we hung out for a little bit. When she left, I decided to have movie night. I had two Netflix offerings, and I opted for Danny Deckchair. It's a silly little Australian film about a guy who serendipitously found out that he was unhappy with his life. A freak helium balloon accident provided him with a chance to live a different life, which he loved. Given the chance to go back to the old life, he opted not to.

Without giving too many plot details, I'll say that it's silly, sappy, romance/comedy material, but it's just quirky enough for me to have liked it. I would recommend it, provided that you know ahead of time that you'll be heading into a comedy/romance.

It has aspects of Wizard of Oz, It's a Wonderful Life and The Majestic(which, by the way, I liked). The story isn't all that great, the dialog isn't all that sharp, and the actors aren't all that pretty, but it has a good deal of charm and aforementioned quirkiness.

Don't break your neck rushing to get this one, but get it. Put it in your Netflix queue, but don't put it at the top. Just let it come when it gets there. It'll be a good distraction.

Up next is the Jim Jarmusch vehicle Coffee and Cigarettes, which will be followed by the Dandy Warhols documentary DiG!, which came with a very high recommendation from Amanda.

Wednesday night will be Coffee and Cigarettes and Thursday night will be Bring a Neglected Record to Work Day. I'm already getting pumped up about BNRWD. I don't want to corrupt it by selecting the album now, though. It has to be a game-time decision, or there's a high risk of tainted results. You will, then, refrain from making suggestions until about 1:30 pm EDT on Thursday. Suggestions are welcome, but will not necessarily be taken into consideration. Of course, in order to make a suggestion, you will have to be (a) at least vaguely familiar with my cd catalog, and (2) creative and/or observant enough to know which ones have been collecting the most dust.

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