Monday, June 20, 2005

what do you think about me? i couldn't live without me, but everything about me is driving me mad

After reading the post by the always brilliant Bears Will Attack, I decided to see what Google thinks of me. And I encourage you, as BWA did, to see what Google thinks of you . There were tons of things that the googlism machine spat out about me. Some of them were pornographic in nature, some of them were religious in nature, and some were just funny. Below are some of my favorites (although one of the pornographic ones was kind of funny, I won't share it here):

David is:
  • fake
  • a sick bastard
  • a keen Manchester United football supporter
  • citizen of the year
  • the youngest pumper at Buffalo Children's Hospital
  • delivered by a geological catastrophe
  • an utter bastard
  • a slash biter
  • going to whip Paul
  • into Google
  • a fool
  • simply the best
  • playing with his balls again
  • a rooster
  • currently enjoying the success of the new album "Custom Made", which is burning up the European charts and getting favorable airplay and reviews
  • 55 years old and widowed
  • 39 years old
  • one year old
  • 12, though he was one when he was arrested
  • right
  • wrong
  • currently a hot property in the character actor business
  • working toward sweet dreams
  • a 1990 graduate
  • interested in the central engines of active galactic nuclei
  • the perfect gentleman
  • good, but not yet world class
  • having a case of roid
  • a model of modesty
  • a mofo
  • a Goliath
  • on Humboldt Parkway in Buffalo
  • always good for good advice
  • a funny guy
  • an occult/satanic symbol
  • the best damn hockey player ever
  • still hoping to walk away with a Grammy tonight

Try it yourself. It's fun.

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Reid said...

That Googlism thing is pretty funny; I just don't really get what it's doing. Just looking at pages that have your name on it and boiling it down into a sentence? It's kind of weird.