Saturday, June 18, 2005

when she said 'please raise the roof higher' nobody heard

I have a lot of faults.
I'm lazy. I am given to procrastination. I exaggerate too much. I'm kind of a slob. I'm a bad boyfriend. These are just a few.

Sometimes I feel bad about these faults and that I'm not in a very secure financial state. However, I often feel better about these things when people say nice things about me. I had that happen yesterday.

One of our customers told me that he was really glad that I was working there now. I've seen this guy around one of the other places I worked, and he's sort of a chatty older English gentleman. I don't know him that well, though. He wouldn't shut up, though about how he's glad that I'm where I am. I've also run into some other customers who have known me professionally for years, and have said the same thing. Additionally, I've heard about other people catching wind of my transition and asking the managers or owner of my current restaurant "how in the world did you get him over here? That's terrific!". So it makes me feel good.
Also, last night, one of the managers told me they were glad I'm there, and one of our servers told me again and again that I was "well liked" around there. Okay, so I'm not a millionaire. Heck, I'm not even a thousandaire, but I'm less stressed out than I used to be, and people are pretending to like me. That makes me feel pretty good. I know that doesn't pay the bills, but it puts me in a better state of mind.
Sorry for the self-indulgency. I'll have other stuff to talk about later.

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